CNN Boosts Left-Wing Campaign to Censor Breitbart; Approves ‘Blacklisting’

CNN swept aside journalistic ethics on Sunday by endorsing a blacklisting campaign with a glowing interview of Matt Rivitz, the founder of Sleeping Giants, a failed effort to censor Breitbart News by harassing and intimidating companies whose advertisements may (or may not) have appeared on the website.

The interview took place on Reliable Sources, a Sunday morning show that once focused on analyzing the media, but which in recent years has been turned into the editorial mouthpiece of CNN president Jeff Zucker, voiced through host Brian Stelter.

Sunday’s program was helmed by substitute anchor John Avlon, in for Stelter — who had earlier used his vacation to dodge questions about CNN’s failure to retract a false story about President Donald Trump’s former lawyer, Michael Cohen.

Ironically, Avlon and Reliable Sources addressed the Cohen story without acknowledging that CNN had lied about the fact that Lanny Davis had been one of its sources. Avlon’s panel slammed Davis for “backtracking” on his version of events, then quickly shifted to talking about threats made against the Boston Globe.


Donald Trump: Google, Facebook, and Twitter ‘Better Be Careful’

President Donald Trump continued challenging big tech companies on Tuesday, warning them about censoring content from conservatives.

“I think what Google and what others are doing – if you look at what is going on with Twitter and if you look at what’s going on in Facebook, they better be careful because you can’t do that to people,” Trump said. “You can’t do it.”

The president said that he had heard “thousands” of censorship complaints from people and repeated that it was “not fair.” He added that censorship was a “serious charge” against the tech companies.


Cyber Caliphate Vows to Kill Anonymous Hackers Who Have Been Taking Down ISIS

An Islamic State hacking collective is claiming that they “will kill” Anonymous hackers who have been waging a lengthy campaign that has knocked down scores of terrorist websites and social media accounts.

The United Cyber Caliphate is also warning that it will attack the Indonesian government this Friday, showing screenshots of hacked Facebook accounts bearing their branding.

Over the summer, the UCC has claimed takedowns of websites across the world, including 200 Jewish websites in June, and earlier this month threatened Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg by photoshopping his head onto an orange jumpsuit next to an ISIS flag.