If Mobs Continue Attacking Right-Wingers In Public Somebody Will Likely Get Hurt, And The Left Will Be To Blame

Earlier today, I was watching the videos of the leftist mob surrounding and attacking Turning Point USA’s Charlie Kirk and Candace Owens as they sat down for breakfast in a Philadelphia cafe.

If you would like to watch it yourself, you can follow this link where the videos were covered previously.

I watched as members of the group got dangerously close as they blew whistles right in the ears of Owens and Kirk, as well as stuck bullhorns in their faces while they spoke into them. This caused Owens to become angry and warn the woman with the bullhorn to keep it out of her face.

As I watched, I began wondering how I would react in this same situation. If it were myself and a political colleague who knew what the job entailed, I’m more or less sure I’d have handled it exactly how Owens and Kirk did. Smile, wave, and film everything. Even having water thrown on me (assuming what was thrown on Kirk in one of the videos was water) would probably cause me to put my hands up to show that I’m not retaliating despite the fact that it would be considered assault on their part. I don’t want the left to have any excuse to escalate the situation further, and I don’t like the feeling of handcuffs myself.

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Facebook Blocks Republican Candidate Ad For Daring To Show Horrors Of Communism

A little earlier today I posted on Alex Jones’s dumpster fire, InfoWars, being nearly simultaneously deplatformed by YouTube, Facebook, Apple, Spotify and YouPorn (I didn’t make that up). The central point there being that Baron Acton’s aphorism, “Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely,” applies as sure to major tech platforms as it does to individual men.

Elizabeth Heng is a conservative Republican running for Congress against Democrat Jim Costa in California’s 16th District.

Heng’s parents arrived in the United States thirty-three years ago as penniless, legal political refugees from the Cambodia of the Khmer Rouge. Heng graduated from Stanford, started a chain of 75 cell phone stores. She’s worked as a Hill staffer (for Ed Royce) and on the Romney campaign (nobody is perfect). She campaign for Trump and was on his inauguration committee. All the while she was enrolled in Yale’s MBA program from which she’s since graduated.

During her campaign, Heng cut this ad.

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The Left Has Spent Years Saying Fast Food Workers Deserve More Money. Now They Say Doctors Deserve Less.

For years, Democrats have been arguing for a large minimum wage increase, even campaigning on the issue. The argument has led to fast food worker strikes across the country, as those earning less than minimum wage have been made to feel like they deserve more money.

The result of such a wage increase has, as conservatives pointed out, not been favorable to the very people it was supposed to help.

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