All Lives Matter: Irrational Black Hatred Taking Innocent Lives, Given Pass By Enthusiastic Pro-Police State Politicians

PoliceStateUNSupporting Terrorism is the New Black

(BloodyRubbish) In Obama’s America supporting black terror-loving racists is ‘edgy’, ‘cool’ and ‘against the system’. Many can’t understand that supporting violent racists is not ‘against the system’ at all; it’s exactly what the system wants. Note: aside from being an idiot by giving in to what Big Brother wants, you shouldn’t support terrorist groups because that makes you a complete asshole.

The current establishment wants violence and racial division — it is the dream of big government supporters to have a police-state — and violence is the only way to bring about martial law. The establishment has been preparing for it for quite some time. The new change? Our government now openly supports terrorists.

Millennial rejects support hate organizations like Black Lives Matter because millennials are young, brain dead and have no intelligence gained from life experience(s) — or at least that’s the explanation I give myself while trying to understand their stupidity. So why does the government support Black Lives Matter? It’s because they want to bring chaos to the United States so they can grow the size of their police force and their government. The larger the government gets, the more powerful the government becomes.

Government Officials Don’t Even Hide The Fact That They Agree With Terrorists

So what’s the deal with elected officials openly supporting hate groups? It seems that supporting hate groups and terrorists has become a requirement if you want to move up in the Democratic party.

Just recently our very own Attorney General, Loretta Lynch, came out to support the murdering, racist group ‘Black Lives Matter’ by telling them not to be “discouraged” after the mass murder of Police at one of their protests.

No, it’s not a twilight zone episode, it’s just a clear case of the establishment begging for more violence and division. It isn’t a conspiracy anymore, it’s documented truth.

Obama Wants to Federalize Police

According to the New American:

“Speaking on July 9 in Poland after a recent NATO summit there, Obama touted his lawless “task force” on so-called “21st century policing,” which was created via executive order last year in the wake of the Ferguson chaos fueled by billionaire Obama ally and Rothschild protege George Soros. “I want to start moving on constructive actions that are actually going to make a difference, because that is what all Americans want,” Obama declared, falsely suggesting that “all” Americans agree with his extremist agenda to usurp control over local police forces. The “actions” he referred to involve imposing the illegal “recommendations” offered by his illegal “task force,” including national standards for police.”

I am guessing that Obama is hoping to Federalize the police force because he hopes that once he has control of local police, he can easily put the UN in control of them — his ultimate goal.