Your Government Is Just Another Reality TV Show, Officials Held As Accountable For Their Actions As The Kardashians

bloodyrubbishkardashianCelebrities Can Be Stupid Because They Don’t Exist To Represent You

(BloodyRubbish) Whenever a tragedy happens it seems that celebrities are quick to jump at the chance to get in the spotlight and stand for ‘the people’– with many B-listers even crawling out of the ‘graveyard of irrelevance’ to toss their opinions in to the ring.

Celebrities love to set the record straight as to how ‘righteous’ they are, and even have been known to start short-lived internet ‘movements’ to support the oppressed. These movements are usually birthed from a tweet that eventually draws together a bunch of internet zombies, quick to support a cause for a few hours.

Outside of psycho-traitor Jane Fonda, celebrities are generally not on the controversial side of public opinion when it comes to what side they choose to support. Even if a celebrity was stupid enough to support the wrong side, they have handlers that clean up the self-inflicted disaster(s) before it gets out of hand. This is the reason why it took the public so long to find out how much of a psychopath Tom Cruise is, his handler (manager) was an expert at covering up his insanity. Eventually we may find out about Tom Cruise’s love-affair with John Travolta and other strange celebrity scandals — once they have the right disagreement with their management.

Some moron celebrities do occasionally make the wrong decision publicly on who to support (take Selena Gomez, who was dumb enough to get behind Palestinian terrorists).

Celebrities Can Buy Their Way Out of a Scandal – It Shouldn’t Be This Way for Government Officials

When something goes wrong and celebrities find themselves on the wrong side of an argument, they can always donate to a fund attached to those they  offended — then their stupidity seems to be quickly forgotten (unless the charity refuses your donation, because you are that much of an asshole). This used to be the difference between celebrities and members of our government — a celebrity could get away with ripping a picture of the pope on live TV, but a politician couldn’t even fart on camera without hurting their career.

Celebrities do not directly represent you. Celebrities can take a horrific stance and can get away with just a minor blemish on their reputation. They don’t answer to you or exist to represent you. They get away with it because you are stupid enough to hate what they stand for, but are still willing to see their movie, buy their record, and wear that rancid cologne they endorsed. Celebrities careers move forward, always living another day without disgrace — after even the craziest scandals.

Many of Our Government Officials Say and Do Treasonous Things and Aren’t Held Accountable

So who should never be able to make the mistake of supporting the wrong side? Government officials. Especially when it comes to something as basic as not supporting terrorism.

It used to be the media’s job to hold government officials accountable for their actions. It was a beautiful thing; if someone who directly worked for or represented you stepped out of line, you would know. If there was a possibility of corruption on the part of an official, they risked ending up on the news, having their bad decisions broadcasted to the world. Sadly, this doesn’t exist anymore.

Like celebrities, government officials careers now go on to live another day.

The Media and American Public Are to Blame

We re-elect felons. We ignore red flags. We forgive the corrupted as if we are ashamed to take power away from those who abuse it. We are a victim culture without a backbone. The media may not be able to be trusted, but even when the truth is readily available it goes ignored.