It’s Not Protesting When You’re Violent – It’s Terror And It Shouldn’t Be Protected Under the Law

copbeatingLiberals Trying to Pawn Thugs Off As Protesters Is Not A New Phenomenon

(BloodyRubbish) When I read news about scheduled ‘protests’ by groups akin to Black Lives Matter, I get frustrated knowing that these events will not be protests at all — yet these thugs will somehow be protected under the first amendment.

Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the government for a redress of grievances.

The first amendment clearly states that only peaceful protest is protected. These gatherings of hate and violence should not be tolerated.

Why do people allow these hateful gatherings to happen? Why is it so hard to call a spade a spade? The sad reality is that it’s rare for honesty to shine through when there is the lurking possibility to seem ‘politically incorrect’. People in power just don’t have the balls anymore to confront the truth. It’s a precedent today that has been set by the person with the most power in the United States, our President Barack Hussein Obama. He has been one of the weakest leaders in our countries history; he’s missing a backbone and the current presidency is really just an empty chair. Many hated George W. Bush, but maybe the old saying is true: ‘You don’t know what you got till it’s gone‘.

We need a leader that can handle generation snowflake the way Ronald Reagan handled the Berkeley Protesters in 1969. Students making violent threats were supported by professors that were giddy over the idea of revolution and conflict. Violent revolutions are exactly what the professors learned in their books that glorified communism. It was these professors that passed left-wing ideologies on to their students, the next generation of liberal idiots.

Once Upon A Time, Politicians Had Balls

So what did Reagan do in response to disgruntled students and professors? He took no shit and told everyone to fuck off, and he did it on camera. In the old video of Reagan below — then the Governor of California — you can see the liberal idiot professor arguing in favor of disgruntled students who were making violent threats.

You can see Reagan in action as a real leader, something we have been without for many years. The liberal professor and violent students from Berkeley 1969 are the same shit we have to deal with today. The only thing missing is the leader with balls to put them in their place.

California had a great leader in Reagan. It’s rare when a politician is willing to stand for reason, especially when they are surrounded by liberals and have an eventual re-election campaign in the back of their mind.

It should be a requirement for those in power to put politically correct stances aside and be willing to shove reality down the throats of their constituents. Ronald Reagan didn’t keep reason a secret, he paraded it around for everyone to see. He was respected for it — even by those who disagreed with him.

Trump May Be The Only Person Who Can Save The United States

We have reached an all-time low in our country when it comes to common sense, truth and general sanity. States hate the federal government so much that many secession movements are gaining steam. I can’t blame those in Texas who want to secede; what’s the point of having a government that stands for terror and against individual liberties? Our federal government pawns thugs off as protesters at the expense of innocent citizens, and police whose families are worried for their lives.

Donald J. Trump has become the Republican nominee because people are sick of having to deal with a government that gives violence a pass at the expense of law-abiding citizens. Why is Trump so attractive to voters? It’s because he’s a real leader, and that’s the only thing that can fix the destroyed country we are currently living in.

  • Well, America, whether you’re for or against the protesters…As long as it’s done quietly and peacefully without any form of violence or any form of instigation for violence, protesters shall be respected but once any inch of violence has started it will become a different story and the authorities must step in in any form to establish law and order…If authorities will tolerate such kind of behavior it will not only cause injury or injuries to others (both sides – demonstrators/protesters, authorities including innocent bystanders) and will cause or inflict costly damages to the community, business establishments, private and govt properties and other infrastructures.