Peaceful Occupy Movement Labeled Terrorists – Here’s Why Obama Admin Supports Violent Black Lives Matter

bloodyrubbish-WHITE-WOMANPeddling Victimhood To The Masses Is ‘OK’ When It Involves Race, Distracts From Real Issues

(BloodyRubbish) At first glance there seems to only be slight differences between Barack Hussein Obama, Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton. They are all card carrying members of the race-baiting club and have all achieved success through spreading hate targeted at white people.

These men are all snake oil salesmen that peddle the same product — victimhood — and they know their product well. They are such professionals at the art of twisting facts that they haven’t just been able to poison the minds of minorities, but also poison the minds of liberal whites — by teaching them to hate themselves!

Considering liberals love to think they are superior to every other group on earth, this is an amazing feat. If only the liberals could be tricked into opening up an economics or history book.

In a time when white racism against blacks is more like legend or folklore, it’s become a priority to try to keep the false narrative alive; blacks have to blame all their problems on white people. It’s become very important to make sure that whenever a conflict happens between two people of different races, that race be pushed to the forefront. This is done even though race usually has nothing to do with the negative events that take place.

Anyone living in the United States in 2016 can easily notice how conclusions are drawn way too fast, before any actual information is released. When a police officer kills someone it picks up steam fast — until the victim turns out to be white — then the news usually gets buried.

Spreading Hate Offers A Nice Paycheck – And Benefits!

Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton race-bait to line their pockets with money. They are usually the first celebrities on the scene to jump on a new possible media storm — all for the reason of exploiting it. They do this to not just to keep themselves relevant in the news, but also to get money for their ‘charities’.

It’s all a scam, and unfortunately poor uneducated minority communities almost always fall for it. Luckily, there has been an example where a community calls them out — but this is rare. The tactics of these thugs have been extreme, but they always seem to get a pass when it comes to their corruption. Could you imagine the rioting that would happen if Al Sharpton were arrested? Sharpton has incited riots in the past where people were actually murdered. He doesn’t just get a pass on being involved with murders, but it’s also publicly known that he owes millions of dollars in back taxes.

Sharpton is so glorified by minority communities and white liberals that he was even given his own show on MSNBC. Reasonable people would put him in a jail cell, not push to give his hate a national platform. He has amassed a special kind of privilege.

The big secret is that Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson are given a pass because they dedicate their lives to dividing the country by race. This takes the attention off of the real divide in the United States; the exploitation of the poor.

Barack Obama Uses Race Baiting To Pass His Globalist Agenda While Taking Attention Off Real Issues

Black Lives Matter gets the same pass Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton get because they also divide the people based on ridiculous non-existent racial issues. This helps to distract the masses from real issues. BLM is protected from having their status changed to being a terrorist group because it helps the government push forward multiple agendas:

  1. Re-elect democrats that promise free handouts.
  2. Expand the welfare state through individuals dependence on government.
  3. Fund the growing government with crippling taxes that will bring destruction to business.
  4. Push the false narrative that capitalism is the reason why everyone’s poor — when it’s actually the growing socialist environment.
  5. Take the public’s attention off horrible executive orders, bills being passed that are treasonous.
  6. To bring about martial law through extreme, uncontrollable violence.
  7. To have the population willing to trade their freedoms for security, to have a police state.

The Occupy Movement Brought Up Real Issues, That’s Why The Government Hated It

The Occupy movement consisted of many diverse groups that came together to stand up against crony capitalism. There have been many conservative and conspiracy blogs that believed shady billionaire George Soros funded its initial creation, but these claims have been mainly shot down.

Maybe Soros did have something to do with its beginnings, but what it turned into was something completely different. It might have been planned by an anti-capitalist group, AdBusters, but many people were quick to show up and teach the difference between real capitalism and crony capitalism.

It’s rare for so many groups — who were on such completely different sides on so many issues — to come together. I could only imagine how threatened the government must have felt with so many passionate people getting together to complain about the actual real issue of government being in bed with big banks.

It was only a few years earlier that the historic bailout took place due to the mortgage crisis. The big banks weren’t just screwing the American people, they were also being supported by the government — who used taxpayers money to bail them out (for specifics on what lead to the mortgage crisis I recommend watching the movie The Big Short).

It’s believed that if the government didn’t bail out the banks the entire worlds economy would have crashed. Many people (including myself) were hoping that the banks wouldn’t be bailed out, that the corrupt would be brought to justice, and that economy would suffer but we would work through it being rebuilt on honesty. That didn’t happen.

To label the Occupy movement as terrorists is to label anyone who believes that the government shouldn’t be corrupt at the expense of its citizens as terrorists. I am sure that if Soros and AdBusters did create Occupy, they weren’t happy with what it morphed into. Liberals must have not known that many Occupy supporters wouldn’t hate capitalism in spite of Wall Street, but hate the government in spite of crony capitalism.

Black Lives Matter Divides The People With Violence, Occupy Brought People Together With Peace

Black Lives Matter does what Occupy wasn’t able to do — bring division and violence to the streets. BLM and other recent race-based protests are also supposedly financed by George Soros. If Soros plan is to bring about socialism through a police state, he seems to finally be making a wise investment as martial law may be on the horizon.

A police state is exactly what Barack Obama wants, it’s why Soros funded him for years. This is why the Obama Admin supports Black Lives Matter, why it isn’t labeled a terrorist group, and why these violent protests are only going to get more dangerous.