Obama Hopes to be the First American, World Dictator – Governing through the UN

obamadictatorThe United Nation Seeks Chaos

(BloodyRubbish.com) There’s been no shortage of news about terror across Europe lately. It’s been a never-ending story; Muslims are destroying Europe one country at a time. There were the French terror attacks, then the rapes of women across Sweden, then the rapes and violence against others in ‘place country name here’ — then more terror attacks in France, Germany — it never ends.

The UK was intelligent enough to understand that they were going to put their citizens in harms way by continuing to abide by the European Unions open border policies. In a shock to the world, they voted to leave the EU — it was a great day in the history of common sense. The Brexit will always be remembered as a light in the darkness during these crazy times.

It appears the Germans are turning on their globalist leader, Angela Merkel, now as well. If the German people have their way, she will join David Cameron soon in the unemployment line.

If the Germans force Merkel to resign, they must also fight to get out of the European Union — which at that point would be so damaged it would basically be over. The EU is ramping up to cement their status as the controlling body of Europe. It’s only a matter of time before the EU expands their power so greatly that it would be impossible to break away from them. Good luck Germany! My advice: Plan on getting out much sooner than later!

The reason politicians in these countries have been ignoring violence has been mentioned so many times in my articles and videos that I hate to repeat it, but for the newbies: The New World Order wants uncontrollable violence so they can combine Europe in to one country — with one military and one government. They want to be aligned into the position of ‘the only answer’ to the violence.

Different Groups, Same Plan

So, what does Europe have to do with Obama hoping to be the Dictator of the world? You can’t have a one world government without taking over individual countries. This is being done in Europe through the European Union, which is just a fragment of the United Nations.

The United Nations is the New World Order. In fact, in September of 2015 they outlined plans for the transformation of the world by 2030. These plans even included the Pope getting in on the action, which makes sense given the bat-shit-crazy stuff he has been doing lately.

In Europe Muslim invaders makeup the army that’s being used by the EU to bring chaos. In America, the UN is using the Black Lives Matter movement and other radical left-wing groups as their silent but far-reaching army.

The United Nations have played a great game of chess with the United States. Obama is a pawn of the globalists, and it’s for this reason why he has been pushing for a federalized police force — by supporting violence against police officers. You would think it was a conspiracy, but he openly has spoken about federalizing the police across the country.

Obama has also been militarizing the FDA, BLM and other agencies. It may seem strange, but it’s all according to his plan; he wishes to turn the US into a Police State. The trillions of bullets purchased by homeland security? Yeah, that’s also according to plan, and unfortunately so is the millions of caskets that have been purchased. Lets face it — not everyone will be willing to go down without a fight.

Obama will go down in history as ‘the great divider’ because he has used his words and actions to divide the country by race, religion and basic principles (among other things). This has put the people of the United States in such opposition to each others beliefs that even mainstream media admits that the country hasn’t been this divided since the civil war.

Trump, Clinton Can’t Stop the United Nations

If Trump wins the upcoming election there will be countrywide left-wing Black Lives Matter violence resulting in martial law. This is the beginning of the end, as the United Nations would assume control of the United States. Trump seems like a patriot who would stand up against the UN, but this wouldn’t stop them from getting rid of him by any means necessary.

If Hillary wins there will be an uprising and attempted succession by many states. There would be a new civil war brewing quickly. The federal government would takeover; martial law would be put into affect. There would be violence, patriots labeled as terrorists and red state Governors jailed. The UN would take over. I’m pretty sure Hillary is aware of this, but is hoping for it — I’m sure she was already paid to make sure everything goes according to plan as well.

We are headed for a very disturbing future with the election of either of the Presidential candidates — all due to the environment created by Obama, who has been a pawn of the New World Order since day one.

What does Obama get out of destroying the United States? It simple: He wants to be the first American (and world) Dictator. His actions throughout his presidency have been him holding up his end of the deal. It’s been public knowledge since January of 2016 that he is hoping the be the UN Secretary General.  It’s also been reported that he has been doing ‘everything in his power’ to make this happen. It would be hard to believe that this wasn’t the plan all along, promised to him many years ago by the shadowy globalist group.

His ego is big enough for him to believe that he should run the world,  it seems like he was well-chosen candidate all those years ago.

  • Paula Musante

    It may sound ‘pie in the sky’ but we (the people) have so much power of we merely wake up to it. Slow process but because of the internet info has gotten passed to the masses although we have to be discerning. I get flak for this but I have hope that USA n everyone is on their way to a safer world. Great article!