Obama gave hundreds of millions to Palestinians in final hours as President

obamaterror(BloodyRubbish) In the final hours of what can only be described as the worst Presidency in U.S. history, Barack Hussein Obama — the first Muslim American President — gave Palestine $221 million dollars.

Throughout the Obama presidency were countless acts committed against Israel, by not just Obama, but by his Secretary of State John Kerry. Some of the most notable direct attacks on Israel included fast-tracking Iran to obtaining nukes through a terrible deal, paying a ‘secret’ ransom to Iran worth $400 million, and even ‘secretly’ having his campaign team work to defeat Benjamin Netanyahu in an Israeli election (luckily Netanyahu won).

As reported by AP,

“A State Department official and several congressional aides say the outgoing administration formally notified Congress it would spend the money Friday morning, just before Donald Trump became president.

More than $227 million in foreign affairs funding was released at the time, including $4 million for climate change programs and $1.25 million for U.N. organizations.”


If Obama had a son, he would look a lot like a member of ISIS

It is a sad truth, but Obama had been a large supporter of Muslim terrorism. His failed foreign policy even helped to create ISIS, before he enabled them to grow by labeling them a ‘J.V.’ team.

As reported by FrontPageMag,

“It was President Obama’s decision to withdraw all U.S. troops from Iraq in 2011, rather than follow the military’s advice to leave a residual force behind, which turned the smoldering embers of the once defeated al Qaeda-backed insurgency into the raging out-of-control conflagration that the newly constituted ISIS, under al Baghdadi’s leadership, created in the entire region. In that sense, ISIS became a newly spun off start-up under Obama’s watch, which launched successfully and expanded because of the power vacuum that Obama’s misguided policies created.”

Money to support terror, funded by US taxpayers

It isn’t a surprise that Obama sent millions to Palestinians in his final hours. After taking office in January 2009, one of the first world leaders he called was the Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas. The Palestinians of course shoot rockets into Israel on a daily basis, and are large supporters of terrorism.

It is without a doubt that these millions will go to supporting terrorism.

As reported by Breitbart,

“Republicans have increasingly called for blocking or canceling funding to the Palestinian Authority, not only because of unilateral diplomatic moves toward statehood, but also because of increasing evidence that funds are used to incite violence and provide financial rewards to terrorists.

The Palestinian Authority reportedly provides compensation to the families of terrorist prisoners incarcerated in Israeli prisons, as well as to those who have killed themselves in attacks on Israeli civilians. The total amount allocated by the Palestinian Authority budget for “the Care for the Families of the Martyrs” was reportedly about $175 million in 2016, and an additional $140 million was reportedly allocated for payments to prisoners and former prisoners.”

Benjamin Netanyahu is already praising Trump, but lets be honest — anyone short of a Muslim terrorist would be better than Obama to Israel. Of course, Trump will without a doubt be the best friend that Israel and the jewish people have known in recent history, especially after he moves the US embassy to Jerusalem.