Batshit crazy Nancy Pelosi calls Trump’s Chief Strategist a ‘white supremacist’, pushes for Trump mental health assessment

pelosi(BloodyRubbish) President Trump’s Chief Strategist is not a racist — he did after all push to make a gay jew famous. But that didn’t stop Crazy Nancy Pelosi from calling him a “white supremacist”.

I am actually pretty excited that Democrats are trying to make him out to be a racist, it must mean he is helping to get many great things done in Washington.

Many know Bannon by his association with Breitbart, one of the most read news companies in the world. He is highly intelligent, and his stance on issues are so solid I find myself in-line with nearly everything I hear coming from him.

Time recently put him on the cover of their magazine inferring that he could be the second most powerful man in the world. It is without a doubt that he has Trump’s ear, and the President is smart enough to listen to him.

As reported by TIME,

“Bannon helps Trump remember that he never made a priority of being a uniter, as George W. Bush did, nor did he offer to heal our divisions in the manner of Barack Obama. The new President has crafted himself as a defender of the “forgotten people,” which places in his sight those with powerful names you already know. With new goals came new thinking. “People tell us that things have always been done a certain way,” said one trusted Trump aide. “We say, Yes, but look at the results. It hasn’t worked. We’re trying a new way.”

Democrats are scared of Steve Bannon because he isn’t just in a position of power, but he has a reputation of being highly effective at whatever he involves himself with. What’s he doing now? He’s working with Trump to undo everything the left has done under the last eight years of Obama, and he isn’t going to stop there. We are looking at regulations and government waste being reduced to levels not seen in decades.

The Democrats don’t know how to handle Bannon, so they are trying to discredit him, ruin his reputation. It only makes sense to call him a racist — they call everyone that is effective a racist.

Sure, Bannon proudly called Breitbart “a platform for the Alt-Right”, but the Alt-Right isn’t racist. There may be some sects of the Alt-Right that would be considered racist — but it’s a small number and doesn’t represent the movement as a whole. There is a tiny fringe movement within the Alt-Right, but it is easily disproven that Bannon has nothing to do with it. To learn about the Alt-right you should read An Establishment Conservative’s Guide to the Alt-right.

Facts don’t matter to Nancy Pelosi, she’s a liberal Democrat (they like to avoid reality).

Is Steve Bannon able to sue Nancy Pelosi for libel? I would hope so, but he is too busy helping Trump strategize on how to make America great again to pay attention to such a pissant.

Pelosi isn’t just attacking Bannon

Crazy Nancy also has Trump in her sights as she just claimed at her weekly news conference that she thinks Trump needs a mental evaluation.

As reported by fake news CNN,

“Pelosi has been critical of early moves by the Trump administration, but she also Thursday seemed to raise question about the President’s fitness for the job.

She brought up a proposal that House Oversight Chairman Jason Chaffetz, R-Utah, was reportedly considering that would require an independent medical assessment of the condition of the President, including mental health.

“If you’re going to have your hands on the nuclear codes, you probably — we should probably know what mental state you’re in,” Pelosi said.”

Oh, the irony. Nancy Pelosi is mentally insane, so her believing Trump may need a mental evaluation just shows just how rational his thinking must be. Nancy Pelosi may believe that she is bashing Trump, when in reality she is just giving him an incredible endorsement.



  • Jolly Roger

    That is one woman who shouldn’t be suggesting mental health assessments for anyone.