LEAK IN THE DRAIN: Michael Savage scared Trump’s inner circle making him move too fast, not acting in his best interest

innercircle(BloodyRubbish) Radio host Michael Savage, famous for his stance on Borders, Language and Culture, is starting to become worried about President Trump.

This is highly alarming because Savage was pushing Trump since the beginning of his campaign, not just having Candidate Trump on his show multiple times, but giving Trump his coveted endorsement very early on.

When Michael Savage speaks, you take it seriously. Now he believes that Trump is moving too fast with his many controversial actions so early on into his Presidency. Savage believes that members of Trump’s inner circle may not have his best interests in mind — especially Kellyanne Conway — who he implies may not have been entirely vetted properly.

Savage cites the recent death of a Navy Seal during the recent raid in Yemen as an example of the costly mistakes he is being setup for.

As reported by WND,

“Savage said he’s concerned that Trump’s inner circle is causing him to move too fast, leading to costly mistakes, such as the raid on al-Qaida in Yemen, initially planned under Obama, that resulted in the deaths of a Navy SEAL and civilians.

He expressed particular concern about Kellyanne Conway, Trump’s chief counselor and his former campaign manager, describing her as an “unknown pollster” who “came along late in the campaign and, by the way, attacked Trump for a year straight.”

“I think Trump is in danger unless he wakes up to the fact that those around him may be not be acting, let us say, in his best interest,” Savage said.”

President Trump may not like being questioned, but his relationship with Savage is one of respect, so it would make sense that he could order an internal investigation to clear up any possible trust issues.

Trump is already suffering from internal leaks — it’s public knowledge that it’s already becoming hard to keep tabs on those closest to him in Washington.