Pro-Trump remarks are getting Schoolteachers fired

(BloodyRubbish) The education system in the United States has been broken for years. You cannot look at the the liberal snowflakes in America’s colleges and think that they had common sense one day, and went completely nuts the next. There insanity was caused by years of liberal indoctrination. It was a process that started at a very young age — in school.

Schools have been politicized to the point where homeschooling numbers are growing by the day. In just ten years, homeschooling numbers shot up over 60 percent. Can you blame the parents?

As reported by CNSNews,

“The 677,000 increase in homeschooled students from 2003 to 2012 is more than the populations of Memphis (653,450), Seattle (652,405), Boston (645,966) and Washington, D.C. (646,449).”

Parents don’t trust school systems to educate their children because they don’t want them being indoctrinated with leftist ideologies. It’s been said that many left-wing activists become teachers because they want to manipulate the next generation. Well, it’s been working.

Race-baiting in the schools

It is especially hard in schools if you are white because you are taught that whites are evil — while your non-white classmates are taught that they are held back because of their skin color. Minorities are taught to hate white children because the left hates white people — especially white men. This can be verified not just by countless reports, but by just talking to a white child who knows what the term “White privilege” means.

A good example has been written on LooneyBird, “White Privilege is a concept dredged from the dung heap of Liberalism. It basically teaches that only people of European descent are racist, that non-whites are incapable of racism and that what is perceived as racism in non-Europeans is ethnic pride or racial hatred derived from persecution by whites.

One prime example is an American Diversity class taught at Delavan-Darien High School in Wisconsin, as well as other schools nationwide. The students are basically taught if you are white, you are oppressing. If you are non white, you have been a victim.”

Not only are children taught in schools that whites are evil, but there have also been insane amounts of anti-Christian rhetoric reportedly being taught as well. Not all religions are equal; Islam, for instance, is a violent cult. Left-wing teachers have been caught teaching children how to pray to Allah.

As reported by WND,

“Earlier this year, public-school students in Madison, Wisconsin, were given an assignment to “pretend you are Muslim,” while students in Florida were instructed to “recite the Five Pillars of Islam as a prayer, make Islamic prayer rugs and perform other Muslim rituals,” ACLJ said Monday.

Now, parents of public-school students in Tennessee are protesting assignments that include writing a declaration that Allah is supreme and textbooks that recount Islamic doctrines as facts instead of beliefs.”

It is also being taught in schools that there are more than the two genders. In fact, many schools are telling children they can pick what gender they want to be. I can see the children now, filling in a sheet with 200 different possible answers to choose from to guess what gender they think they are.

As reported by The Daily Caller, the new standards require students to learn about gender identity and expression beginning in kindergarten.

  • Beginning in Kindergarten, students will be taught about the many ways to express gender.  Gender expression education will include information about the manifestations of traits that are typically associated with one gender. Crossdressing is one form of gender expression.
  • Third graders will be introduced to the concept of gender identity.  These children will be taught that they can choose their own gender.
  • Fourth graders will be expected to “define sexual orientation,” which refers to whether a person identifies as heterosexual, homosexual, or bisexual; they’ll also be taught about HIV prevention.  Children in fourth grade will be told that they can choose their sexual orientation.
  • Fourth and fifth graders will learn about the relativity of gender roles and why such roles are social constructs that are not inherent to who we are as male or female human beings.
  • Seventh graders will be expected to “distinguish between biological sex, gender identity, gender expression, and sexual orientation.”
  • High school students will critically “evaluate how culture, media, society, and other people influence our perceptions of gender roles, sexuality, relationships, and sexual orientation.”

You know it’s bad when even the left-wing liberal Pope has to make a statement saying that it’s “terrible” that kids are taught that they can choose their gender. This doesn’t even touch on sex education, where teachers try to normalize deviant sexual behaviors to children.

Common Core

Schools have been destroyed by the insane far-left educations children receive when it comes to race, religion and sex. It’s a complete mess, and this isn’t even going into what these people have done to basic math or reading.

Freedomworks did a great job explaining why it’s Common Core is bad for students, “Common Core is a one-size-fits-all education policy that assumes every students learns exactly the same. A top down and centrally controlled standards will hurt students’ creativity and learning.  Good education policy realizes that all students have different learning styles, preferences, and paces.”

It’s a cookie cutter education that yields terrible results and confusion. Aside from this, I also don’t support educations that are centralized at a federal level. Luckily, Trump’s new Education Secretary Betsy DeVos will demolish Common Core.

Due to all the insanity happening in schools, it isn’t hard to believe that teachers who make Pro-Trump remarks are getting fired. Common sense seems to have no place in U.S. school systems. Teachers can’t even agree with a Trump policy on their own personal social media account without getting policed. Apparently, agreeing with the President of the Unites States is considered “hateful” and “discrimination” at liberal schools. I think they are just trying to weed out the few rational teachers that are left.

As reported by WND,

“Our schools will be safe places for learning and teaching,” he wrote in the statement. “We will not tolerate any form of bullying or discrimination on or off district property that interferes with learning or the rights of others.”

The term “bullying” apparently now applies to social-media posts of a political nature that agree with Trump policies, a legal analyst with the nonprofit Liberty Counsel told WND.

Besides the termination of the two teachers at Cross Keys High School in DeKalb, a staff nurse at nearby Cary Reynolds Elementary school was investigated for alleged anti-immigration comments she posted on Facebook, the district confirmed.”

I am looking forward to seeing just what Trump’s Education Secretary is going to do to these people. It’s time to bring common sense back to our schools and flush out left-wing activists posing as teachers.