Illegals stole social security numbers from 1M taxpayers, hidden by politicized IRS for 5 years

(BloodyRubbish) As first reported this past August — and now making rounds across the internet again — five years ago the IRS discovered that over 1 million taxpayer social security numbers were stolen and used by illegal immigrants.

Not only was the general public not informed of the shocking amount of fraud, but the victims weren’t either. It appears to have been a big cover-up to continue to push propaganda that favors illegals.

The IRS, known to be dishonest and politicized, had lost credibility not too long before the ‘cover-up’ by specifically targeting conservative nonprofit’s for extra scrutiny. It unfortunately isn’t surprising that the IRS would protect illegals at the expense of Americans, it’s just further proof that they have been hijacked by the left.

The WashingTimes reports that, “IRS Commissioner John Koskinen testified at the time that it may take new legislation from Congress to let his agency inform taxpayers they’d been the subject of identity theft.”

I find it hard to believe that a story like this wouldn’t come out immediately under Trump. It’s a surprise that it actually came out before the Presidential election. Is it media bias, or lack of leaks from the Obama White House that enabled it to be buried for so long? I would wager that it’s a combination of both, and has nothing to do with actually needing new legislation from Congress.

Conservative groups will never forget being targeted for viewpoint discrimination; neither will Pro-Israel groups. It isn’t a coincidence that the IRS targeted everyone who stood against Obama’s extreme leftist views. Obama’s legacy will be remembered as creating a government that hated the American people. During his reign he worked to undermine law-abiding citizens with every action he was able to get away with.

As reported by RedState,

“…a wide net was cast by the IRS to harass and intimidate people seeking tax exempt status if they had the wrong politics. This attitude seems to be baked into the IRS.”

The IRS apparently had meant to test a pilot program to find a solution on how to fix the issue with stolen social security numbers, but it was canceled. It’s hard to believe that the IRS accidentally failed on not just reporting the issue, but also on fixing the fraud committed by illegals. It appears that the IRS doesn’t care about fraudulent activities being done by illegals (who are already breaking the law just by being here), yet they are quick to harass citizens — for no reason other than disagreeing with them politically.

Americans are still learning about the many actions taken against them during (and recently after) Obama’s presidency. From secretly attempting to send millions to Palestine during his final hours in the White House, to a recent visit to a mosque telling worshipers that “Islam has always been part of America“, it is undeniable that Obama favors those who have beliefs that contradict the freedoms America stands for.

As reported by the WashingtonTimes,

““It is stunning that the IRS has chosen to aid and abet identity thieves for so long instead of protecting the innocent victims of the theft,” said Sen. Daniel Coats, Indiana Republican.”

The situation with illegals is worse than Americans can imagine

Between countless rapes and murders by Mexican immigrants, to the possibility of terrorists coming into the U.S. from middle-eastern countries, it’s common knowledge that letting unvetted immigrants into the U.S. isn’t a safe idea. It is even more horrifying to discover that agencies have been covering up fraud by these illegals as well. This isn’t a handful of illegals committing fraud either, this is 1 million of them.

As Trump works to protect the American people, he continuously gets attacked by the Democrats and the media. With Trump’s approval rating recently hitting 55%, it appears that more voters are waking up the the sham of the media, Obama’s Presidency and are beginning to understand the importance of President Trump’s work to right the wrongs committed against the American people.

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    I love the way you write…. It’s so AMERICAN.. Thank you for doing hard work for us that choose to read the news of the day, rather than be lied to by the MSM. There are many things to cover, but your doing great work. Thanks again

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