Obama to lead anti-Trump non-profit with 250 chapters, 30k protesters

(BloodyRubbish) I’ve recently reported that Obama would be staying in Washington while continuing his involvement with politics — pushing ideologies that will be in direct opposition to our sitting President.

This is unheard of for past Presidents to do, but, Obama isn’t just anyone — he’s a radicalized left-wing activist.

Obama is setting up a shadow government just 2 miles from the White House in Washington, DC. His power continues to run deep across the government with many of his holdovers still in the White House, and countless loyal individuals in powerful positions across the nation (that had been appointed to them while he was President).

What’s recently been brought to my attention — and warrants this article being written — is just how massive his ground game is going to be. The organization he will be heading, Organizing for Action, has 30,000 protesters ready to hit the streets.

As previously reported, “Protests have been growing increasingly violent, and now it seems that Obama wants to direct the threat of them at Trump and the direction most Americans want the country to take. He was after all a far-left “community organizer.”

Many journalists believe that Obama’s motivation is the protection of his legacy. He will do everything he can through his godlike status to the left to attempt to take the country hostage and stop the incredible progress President Trump has been making.”

Organizing for Action is naturally going to do everything in their power to fight against President Donald Trump. They are highly organized, not just with tens of thousands of protesters, but also with 250 chapters across the nation.

Such a large group of people can cause massive damage quickly. I am worried that violent protests will continue to become more extreme, especially if the protesters (and rioters) believe they are part of an Obama Army. Maybe they will view their destructive actions as being even more justified if they think they’re trying to violently overthrow the government for Obama?

As reported by RedHerald,

“With 30,000 protesters just 2 miles from the Oval Office, Obama will now lead the charge against Trump in an effort to disrupt the current president’s goals and ambitions—with the ultimate aim of impeachment.

How is Obama able to accomplish this?

A network of non-profit organizations operating under the parent agency “Organizing for Action.”

In a normal situation, and one that mirrors anything in past American political history, Obama would retire from politics, upholding the sacred tradition designed to protect the presidency from partisanship that could harm the democratic framework of our government system.”

Many people believe a civil war is approaching

After watching the recent Berkeley protests it isn’t hard to picture just what 30,000 angry people can do. The police are having a hard time controlling much smaller crowds already. If there are 30,000 people initially ready to hit the streets as Obama’s Army, the number can quickly grow to hundreds of thousands. This is enough people to destroy a city, and for martial law to be ordered.

The right has become increasingly sick of the left’s violence, and has been very restrained by not meeting violence with more violence. Unfortunately, the sleeping giant muscle of the right may be flexed — in self defense. When this happens I think it would be hard to not think their would be some sort of massive fracture to the country that could lead to a new civil war. We haven’t been this divided as a country since the first civil war.

Obama is literally going to have an army of already proven violent people willing to do his bidding. It’s only a matter of time before Obama begins his campaigns against Trump, which will possibly be the beginning of the end for our country. The environment is growing more violent by the day, and Trump will not deal with bloodshed in the streets.

  • prtyfdup

    if Obama does this, he will create a greater division than we already have and there may be a civil war as a result. Obama should never ever been nominated but Soros and others financed him and knew he would be a good puppet for them. They knew the weak liberal mind would see him as a black savior. Too bad they were so easily brainwashed.

    • Christian Olsen

      Well black Jesus is going to get his ass kicked in.

  • Lori Kemer

    If there is enough law breaking evidence to hold not only obama but also the clintons accountable, they need to be arrested and prosecuted ASAP. Also if riots break out due to obama, the rioting groups should be sprayed with tear gas from helicopters and small planes circling above the riots. Then Throw all their butts in jail where they belong.

  • rushmoon

    No one can tell me we don’t have a secret force that can kill barrack Hussein Obama. His crimes warrant him to be executed and ASAP

  • Lee Ware

    the crime of betraying one’s country, especially by attempting to kill the sovereign or overthrow the government.

  • FAS

    Bacrock’s always been an ass so why is anybody surprised he would work to undermine his successor. He was a terrible president who was propped up by a dishonest media.

  • Marissa

    Tear gas hell they should drop grenades !