Disgraced Gov. refuses to follow federal law on immigration, half his state wants to leave – but can’t sell their houses

(BloodyRubbish) Connecticut residents are fleeing in large numbers to escape their state government. It’s known to locals as the Connecticut Exodus. The once-beautiful state has been leveled by an abusive Democratic-majority government.

Even the few Republicans actually holding office would be considered Democrats in other regions of the country. It’s called the bluest state in the nation, and I think it would be hard to argue it isn’t the California of the east — minus the jobs, companies, good weather and innovation, of course.

Outsiders think of Connecticut as a rich state in the northeast; many don’t know that they have some of the most dangerous cities in the country. You can’t go out at night in many areas — even in the vicinity of Ivy League school Yale — without risking being murdered or raped. Doctors have been attacked, maimed trying to get to work at Yale-New Haven Hospital. Nobody is safe.

Bridgeport — Connecticut’s largest city — was at one time the murder capitol of New England. The state will be cited by many Republicans in the future as what happens when far-left Democrats are in power for too long. Many areas look like they could be within the city-limits of Detroit.

Governor Malloy single-handedly destroyed Connecticut. When he was first elected, he thanked the citizens by imposing the largest tax hike on them in their states history. During his reelection campaign, he said he would never raise taxes again, then imposed the second largest tax hike in state history (after he was reelected).

Due to Malloy’s extreme incompetence, many large companies have run away from the state. One of these companies was General Electric, who had their world headquarters in the town of Fairfield. The only businesses thriving are moving companies, who have been reported as noticing many more people leaving Connecticut than coming in.

There are no jobs in Connecticut, even though they are a state known for their impressive universities. It has become commonplace for college graduates to leave the state — and their families — to make a life for themselves elsewhere. Elections have consequences, with Connecticut’s elections breaking families apart.

I have personally known over twenty individuals that have left the state in just the last two years. The stories are always the same; there are no jobs, or the cost of doing business is ridiculous. Everyone leaves because of the far-left government. Everyone leaves because of their governor, who is always elected due to Connecticut’s blue cities.

Make no mistake, the people in towns have no voice — there are far fewer of them than city dwellers. These city voters are also known for their extreme cases of voter fraud. There is no chance of fixing the state. People can only flee — if they are able to.

Sometimes walls are built to keep people in

Half the residents of Connecticut want to leave the state, but it is hard because it’s nearly impossible in many areas to sell your house and not take a massive financial hit. Entire areas have transformed from once-safe, friendly new neighborhoods to violent cesspools.

There are many cases of homeowners who bought condos for $150k a few years ago, to find that they are only worth $50k now. People have had hard times trying to just sign their mortgages over to others — for tens of thousands less than they paid a short time earlier.

Connecticut’s governor now refusing to follow federal immigration law

As reported by Breitbart, “Connecticut Governor, Dannel Malloy, sent a memo to law enforcement officials across the state laying out his guidelines for them to refuse compliance with federal immigration law on Wednesday. Among other provisions, the memo informed state officers not to detain anyone based on their immigration status. Malloy insisted that ICE detainer requests should not be treated as an official order or warrant for a suspected illegal alien’s detention.

Malloy went even farther saying that law enforcement personnel in the state should also refuse to allow federal immigration officials to have access to the illegal aliens in their custody, according to The Hill newspaper.”

The economy in Connecticut is always among the worst in the nation. They even have the worst fiscal status in the nation. They have been named by multiple prominent magazines as having America’s worst Governor. There seems to be no way out, as informed citizens have no say in the way their state is run — and it’s being run into the ground.

There are currently calls for President Trump to cut all federal funding to Connecticut. We will have to wait and see how Trump reacts to Malloy’s refusal to enforce federal law. Unfortunately, there are many who have been suffering in the state, and getting out looks more impossible by the day.

  • Grace

    You state “there is no chance of fixing the State”. That’s defeatist attitude and one that weakens the heart of others. Yes, there is a way of fixing the State, but it’s going to take backbone and time to do it.

    Recall your Governor and file lawsuits against him and those who back him. Recall anyone who upholds illegals over US Citizens. It will take a ground swell, but if there are so many homeowners who cannot sell you’ve got a base right there.

    • Robert

      There is no way to fix the state. The cities are 90% democrat voters, everyone is leaving after fighting for years to try to fix the state. You cannot recall the governor in all states — including Connecticut. He had the lowest approval rating in the country and still won reelection. There is no hope, trust me.

      • George_Costanza

        Can the unfortunate people of that ‘state’, have their own “declaration of independence” + “revolutionary war”.
        They can join the United States of America-if they promise to abide by the Constitution.

        • J Galt

          It’s a big, rich country. So much easier to head to Red, and let them have their socialist Utopia . . .

          • bajaretired

            And, because it’s a big rich country we’ll end up bailing them out…

          • Tom Mahan

            Five bucks says the gov is gay

          • Annie

            Yeah, they’ll flee to red states and vote the same way that brought them Malloy.

          • Iago di Otello

            Annie – Just like Vermont (once a very conservative state).

    • georgesteele

      Yeah – send your Governor to Arizona – the Gila Monsters’ll get him . . .

  • Rob Zambrano

    And yet, time and time again… election after election, they keep voting for the same people to run their government.

    So is this article pointing towards the rampart inbreeding of the state, are they seeking to attract some new contributors to their gene pool?

    • Jeffrey Spinner


      You assume you have free and fair elections. why?

    • Jo

      Large cities control the rest of the state because they out-number the small towns and countryside; it’s why we have the electoral college for presidential elections, places like California would always elect the president in the same manner otherwise. As long as those large cities offer welfare, and handouts, they will continue to vote for the liberals.

  • ralph

    they are the people that took voting as a Party war. see which Party could win not even knowing what was going on. They are also the people that pull out because they have too and do the very same dam thing were they go starting the destruction of that part of the country they never learn a dam thing.

  • capitalistpig2

    This sounds like Illinois also. Housing, except certain pockets, is still in the hole.

  • Jeffrey Spinner

    How do state or local elected officials violate various federal laws and not get arrested?

    This has nothing to do with state’s rights. Remember when the President forced a state to allow desegregation? All this looks like to me, are the states doing the reverse, but the federal government not sending in the troops if necessary to reestablish rule of law.

    Rule of law or civil war, Trump. Since you have gas lighted the nation in the first week of your presidency starting with immigration, you really can’t piss off people anymore, play doh doesn’t hurt anyone and the men in arms support your position.

    Now, ENFORCE the law, my President.

    • Betty langlois


  • James Hobson

    Cut Connecticut and their governor, Dan Malloy, off at the knees. Make sure they get absolutely no federal funding for anything.

    • Betty langlois

      That is the way to do it …Or get a group to go to protest him out of government by petition or find some illegal crime they are committing and oust him out…Something illegal to keep him repeating winning elections if he is horrible at his job and PEOPLE are not happy.

  • Tillytalks

    I left and couldn’t be happier.

    • J Galt

      Where to you land?

  • Don Hilliker

    Going to be difficult to cut all federal funding as that would include shutting down GD Electric Boat Works, one of only 2 yards still producing submarines, Sub Base New London, USCG Academy, and pulling contracts from Sikorski (sp?) aircraft. Left the state as soon as I could after my enlistment was up nearly 30 years ago as even then it was a very expensive place to live with little chance to get a decent paying job.

    • OldNHMan

      The state doesn’t get that money and then dispense it. It goes to GD, Sikorsky, the sub base and the USCG Academy directly. The sub base and academy are federal property, not state property.

      Cutting federal funding means no money for highways, cities, schools, welfare, law enforcement, and so on.

  • Betty langlois

    Maybe he is trying to force Americans out to keep Muslims in!

  • Jim

    If you are planning on moving to Arizona, it gets real hot here for six months and really hot for three months. We have guns, everybody has guns. If you are scared of guns go to California cause we have guns. We also have the baddest cactus too, it will go right through the bottom of you shoe. There are rattle snakes and bark scorpions. You don’t want to come here.

    • BigBossOgg

      Is it hot?

      • Jim

        Just for a few months! 115 to 120 degrees, cools down to 100 degrees at night, July and early August.

    • georgesteele

      You forgot Injuns – with bows and arrows. And Gila Monsters – big ‘uns that eat dogs. And that it snows flakes as big and sharp as Ninja Stars. Yup, you Connecticut folks better find a safer place.

    • Ivar Ivarson

      Worst yet, the people with guns also have ammunition for them. Stay out, Bluebellies.

  • dogfooddogfood

    I moved out, no work there.

  • damianmcglynn

    there is no chance of fixing the State. Between the municipal/state unions, the inner cities which vote in a block and, as when Malloy was voted in, they found boxes of uncounted votes in Bridgeport late at night that gave Malloy his margin of victory…..and nobody investigated. We have our house on the market now and again had to lower our price. On to NH.

    • OldNHMan

      My parents had to leave some years ago as they saw their retirement funds being drained rapidly as one tax after another was imposed or raised. In 2004 they had to leave a home that had been in our family for 60 years because they could no longer afford to stay in Connecticut, relocating to New Hampshire. They felt like they had escaped from a prison.
      They lament the loss of our family’s beach house, built by my grandfather back in the 50’s, but they saw the handwriting on the walls and got out while they still had some money left. Other than that, they said it was the best thing to do and they did not regret it.

      • Sheila Orr

        I am truly sorry for them. It seems to be an epidemic in this country.

  • Kathy Frazier

    Arrest him for treason against America

  • DoraG38

    Conn needs to fly their state flag upside down as a sign of NEED HELP… What an awful shame. oregon, washington and california are three of these states that also are slowly sliding into the abyss because of ruthless and crooked democratic leaders.

  • damianmcglynn
  • John Young

    Grew up in Ct. I have watched cities like Hartford decay at time lapsed speed. It’s sad to watch, and I don’t think there is the will to reverse the blight.

  • bunny06

    this state is a mess! thanks dumcrats!

  • Iago di Otello

    The federal gov’t needs another BRAT & close the naval submarine base in New London (it was on the list from the last BRAT but politics took if off but it won’t happen next time!).

  • Eagleclaw 1

    They can arrest him for violating 18 U.S.C. 1324. If he protects them and they commit a felony or kills someone he can go to jail for life!

  • TJD7

    This is as real all as it gets. The state is 1.7 billion in the hole and there is little chance of closing the gap in the near future. The Democrats have had a veto proof majority as far back as Rell and are totally responsible for the mess. Malloy and the democrat mayors of the major cities are disastrous. Once one of the wealthiest, CT is now poised to become the Detroit of states. Sad.

  • M. Johnston

    Part of the problem is that Connecticut’s denizens still think the state is rich, when in fact it is arguably the poorest of all. http://civilhorizon.com/2016/06/20/rich-state-poor-state/