Limbaugh: Obama working with Democrats and the media to sabotage Trump’s Presidency

(BloodyRubbish) Lately Rush Limbaugh has been starting to sound like Alex Jones. He is not one for conspiracy theories, and has a very mainstream audience, so him willing to expose the deep state should be a big surprise to those who aren’t ready to accept the fact that it indeed exists. It’s real news, and they’re trying to destroy Trump.

Has Alex Jones been right all along? He has been on enough issues to where even mainstream readers are now starting to take notice on the accurate whistle blowing that’s been being done by infowars and other supposedly far-right websites. I may refer to myself as ‘right-wing’, but I honestly feel the name should just be ‘common sense driven’.

My weekly readership has grown to tens of thousands of people, and as the numbers get larger I see more trolls claim that many stories are fake news when they’re real (and cited). I’m always surprised by this, especially when in some cases I’ve added video to the article in question showing the subject caught in the act on film as undeniable proof. Maybe they are just liberal-bots on a mission to spread misinformation? I wouldn’t put it past the incredibly widespread operations of the left, who have been caught doing this in the past.

I think it’s a valid thought to wonder if mainstream America is ready to accept the truth that there is a deep state involved with unbelievable amounts of corruption. Only time will tell if the majority of people are willing to accept reality, but, it’s safe to say that people are awakening daily to whats really going on behind the scenes within some of the highest levels of our government. This isn’t a Tom Clancy book, this is America in the year 2017.

I have been reporting on the shadow government being run Barack Hussein Obama for quite some time now, so it feels good to start getting backup from Rush Limbaugh on these stories — they are after all true.

Jeff Sessions under attack …for no reason

I watched an emergency press conference today by Jeff Sessions which was done with only a fifteen minute notice to the media. Jeff Sessions was forced to come out after being annihilated with attacks from the left claiming that he lied under oath and that he was colluding with Russia. This of course ended up being total bullshit, and I’m glad he came out to shut everyone up. Although this was unfortunate for him, I think the outcome of having Rush Limbaugh bash the deep state — while admitting Obama was behind everything — was totally worth it.

As reported by Rush Limbaugh,

“This story is not about Jeff Sessions. This story is not about illegal talks between Trump and his campaign people and the Russians. This story is about Barack Obama and the Democrat Party attempting to sabotage the Trump presidency and do everything they can to either render it meaningless and ineffective or to get him impeached or force him to resign. That’s what the story is. And that is what has to be attacked, not defended.

We have no reason to be on defense all the time. We won the election. These people are barely hanging on. This is all they’ve got. And there’s no evidence, despite a year and a half of allegations of illegal contact between Trump, his campaign, and the Russians. There is no evidence.”

Former Attorney General Eric Holder came out a few days ago claiming that Obama is ready to come out of hiding — and that he’s “ready to roll”. A past President going against a sitting President as direct opposition is unheard of, but the community organizer from Chicago has no respect for anyone but himself. The left can’t handle having a duly elected President who champions common sense. If protests start to become too violent we may see martial law and eventually another civil war. I’m sure Rush would agree this assessment, even if at this point it time it seems a bit extreme.

  • Vada

    Good article…can only hope that common sense will prevail as the mainstream media is corrupt to the core as is the Democratic Party. When is Obama going to be punished for his treasonous behavior? I truly hope that President Trump holds him accountable for current as well as past unlawful strokes of the pen, calls from the phone, and community/country disorganization. I hope Americans NEVER EVER VOTE FOR A DEMOCRAT AGAIN!!

    • Taylor Moore

      Can’t punish Obama, because he was our nation’s first Black President. If Obama were indicted, prosecuted, and punished, Black America would go absolutely berserk — fighting, cursing, rioting, and destroying billions of dollars of property. Furthermore, anyone white who opposes Obama is automatically categorized as a KKK racist by the Mainstream Media.

      • Vada

        There is great truth in what you are saying, sad to say…

  • catalanismo is hatred



    • scum

      I would like to respond to your comments:

      1) PEOPLE OF THE WORLD (SHOUTING): This sounds like a Manifesto of some sort…One guy doesn’t normally espouse that sort of audience; are you being paid for this?

      2) WE MUST STAND UNITED TO DEFEAT TRUMP & HIS DICTATORSHIP< HATRED & IGNORANCE!!!!!!!!!!! (Shouting again) So you are pissed off or feigning it..OK

      3) Trump is not a Dictator, he campaigned for America First, a country for and by the people…I think you have mixed up him with the Democratic Party which along with the RINO's is mainly for "A One World Government" "New world Order" UN democratic, top down system, where you have no say…essentially a dictatorship. Where the hell have you been getting your news? Look up Agenda 21 and Agenda 2030 on the UN website…download a poster if you like! Population maps show US 61 Mil in 8 years…

      4) Hatred…you didn't elaborate but I assume you mean in regards to immigration… if not I apologize. Again, Trump has campaigned on America First, no secret here and he is against illegal immigration into the United States based on the current laws; not 400 years ago. That's a whole other argument and discussion. He wants to focus on people who commit crimes, mainly on the southern border and not engage people with no criminal records. It seems reasonable in this sense and people without criminal records will have some leniency to apply and obtain citizenship. The wall is to prevent an influx of immigrants from where ever that the US can't handle and to prevent the sad situation we see in Europe today.

      The European situation is from a disaster in the Middle East and Africa caused mainly by a policy of subversion of foreign governments, unlawfully engaging either directly or through proxy armies or militias and as a result, civilians are displaced. Trumps not for a continuation of this policy and has campaigned for cooperation with Russia where possible, such as in Syria and has discussed creating safe zones with the Saudi's. (in his first week or two); however the Israel / Palestinian issue is red hot with the building of more settlements; Trump has asked this to stop and Trump is facing resistance from the Deep State in regards to a whole other set of foreign policy initiatives he would like to undertake. He is for family, God and for doing the right thing. He has been subverted by the Democrats to even fill his cabinet appointments and is now seeing an insurgency from former President Barack Obama and his sponsors to undermine his Government. The establishment is well entrenched and every day he is up against the leakers, the MSM, the bureaucrats, RINO's, Fed, etc.. but is managing to get things done anyway.

      Trump may not be a politician and may have much to learn about politics but he is a quick study, has thought about this long and hard and has taken experienced advisors to assist him along this path…he is smart enough to know that he doesn't know it all, is ignorant about some things but won't accept that for himself; give him a chance unless you are a dyed in the wool Troll, sponsored to stir up stuff on competitive websites like I have seen increase lately. Lots out there and easy to spot, easy.

      • catalanismo is hatred

        we don´t rest untril Trump & his hatred & ignorance & YOURS WILL BE DEFEATED!!!!!!!

        • antoniathatcher

          Idiot, all of Trumps speeches are available on YouTube. Listen to a few before you expose your ignorance in public again,.

          • catalanismo is hatred

            Antonio what kind of woman are u? surely one with very very low self steem!!!

            only a trashy woman can support a sexual predator that abuses her genre


        • freevoter2016

          Where did you get that stupid line from was it at a George Soros Think Tank seminar on how to disrupt a democratically elected government with Alinsky rhetoric and lies.

          • catalanismo is hatred

            trump is a total inept, a low iq, corrupt, sexual predator that must be defeated

          • Taylor Moore

            Trump! Low IQ! Hardly.

          • freevoter2016

            So they taught you two lines at the Soros seminar Good work!