IT’S ON: Trump Orders United Nations Funding to Be Cut in Half

(BloodyRubbish) The United Nations is a disgusting organization and the face of globalism. There are countless things to write about highlighting their many levels of corruption, but, I think a good place to start is pointing out that they exist for Muslim conquest of the world — and the destruction of Israel.

Barack Obama was the United Nations puppet throughout his presidency, and sent thousands of Muslim refugees to the United States. This of course cost the United States billions of dollars, because what’s better than paying for the demise of your borders, language and culture?

Communities across the U.S. were these Muslims would go were actually hand-selected by the United Nations, who apparently somehow had the power to do this? Learning more about operations between Obama and the United Nations gets more extreme as you read into it. It’s even been reported that Obama claimed to have dreamed to one day run the United Nations. If this is true, then it looks like he did everything in his power to sell out the U.S. to get into favor with these lunatics.

Maybe U.S. support for the United Nations can be summed up by a statement our former President Barack Hussein Obama; he after all is reported as telling a Senior U.N. official that the U.S. would be a “Muslim country by 2016.

It’s ironic that ISIS (which would later be created by Obama) would eventually force Muslims into the U.S. — helping his “prophecy” come to life. We may not be a Muslim country, but there are entire cities in the U.S. that look like a middle eastern nation. The damage Obama did was incredible, and he did it as part of a conspiracy with the United Nations against the American people.

Obama was the most anti-Israel President in our nations history, and even attempted to funnel hundreds of millions of dollars to Palestine during his last hours in office. The United Nations isn’t even secretive about their views on their hatred of Israel. So, why exactly are we giving them $10 billion dollars a year?

As reported by New York Times in 2015, “…the United Nations closed the annual meeting of its Commission on the Status of Women by publishing a report that effectively singled out just one country for condemnation: Israel.

The commission apparently had nothing to say about the Sudanese girls who are subjected to female genital mutilation. It also had nothing to say about the Iranian women who have been punished for crimes of “adultery” by stoning.

These oversights may have something to do with the fact that both Iran and Sudan sit on the 45-member commission.”

Now, in an attempt to bring some sanity to our spending, Trump has ordered the State Department to cut the U.N. budget in half. It’s a step in the right direction, and I hope it gets cut in half every year until there’s no longer any funding for the anti-American, pro-Muslim organization.

As reported by Breitbart, “President Donald Trump has instructed the State Department to slash its $10 billion budget for funding United Nations programs by as much as 50 percent, Foreign Policy is reporting.

The article said the move is “signaling an unprecedented retreat by [the] administration from international operations that keep the peace, provide vaccines for children, monitor rogue nuclear weapons programs, and promote peace talks from Syria to Yemen.”

FP used three unnamed sources for its report, which also called Trump’s directive “draconian measures” taken ahead of the planned release on Thursday of his 2018 federal budget proposal.

The budget “is expected to include cuts of up to 37 percent for spending on the State Department, the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID), and other foreign assistance programs, including the U.N., in next year’s budget,” according to the report,”

If you want to who sold out the U.S., look no further then Barack Obama and the democrats. If you want to know why there has been a war on Judeo-Christian civilization, look no further then the U.N.


  • Brooklyn Dave

    Great going Donald, now the next thing is to put Israel on a short leash.

  • George_Costanza

    We should pay 50% + 1 penny more.
    But for that; we should get a controlling stake.
    End diplomatic immunity, and start arresting the sex trafficking ringleaders.
    End the eugenics program(s)
    End the predatory usury of the WorldBanc/IMF/BIS


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