POLL: 85% Of Conservatives Say Social Networks Censor Their Political Speech

A shocking new poll from Pew Research shows that a vast majority of conservatives who regularly post on social networks believe technology companies and websites like Facebook, Twitter, and Google regularly censor political posts and silence conservative views.

Adweek reports that the poll, which surveyed 4,594 U.S. adults, found that around 72% believe that social networks have some control over political posts, and that Facebook and Twitter regularly censor some political information that opposes their corporate viewpoint.

But conservatives were far more likely than Democrats to believe that they were the ultimate targets of censorship; 85% of conservatives reported feeling marginalized by social networks, while 64% believe the most popular social networks have a decidedly liberal bent. Among Democrats, 43% “saw no bias” and 53% believe “that tech companies support both sides equally.”

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