Professor Asserts Men And Women Are Different. University’s School Of Science Disagrees.

After a professor from the University of Washington School of Computer Science wrote an essay for Quillette asserting that women were less likely to strive for computer science degrees than men because women and men are different, the university’s School of Science Director Hank Levy emailed the campus, stating, “We disagree with the conclusions drawn in the article.”

As Toni Airaksinen noted in Campus Reform in her article about the situation, Levy would not confirm whether he had read Stuart Reges’ article or reviewed the research Reges cited. Spokeswoman Kristin Osborn told Campus Reform, “We disagree with the assertion that gender differences and preferences [help] explain the disparity between men and women in computer science and engineering … we disagree with the notion that any one factor could be seen as greater than any other. … The source data used in the piece is not our concern, and we don’t believe it would be productive to comment on it.”

For his part, Reges told Campus Reform that he couldn’t understand how his work could be condemned without his research being read. He stated, “This is what science should be about. UW already decided based on ideology, not science, that they disagree with my conclusions. When you’re sure you know the right answer before you even look at evidence to the contrary, you cease to be a scientist.”