Bernie Riles Up Crowd Following Trump’s Announcement For His SCOTUS Pick

Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders riled up a protesting crowd outside of the Supreme Court following President Trump’s announcement that he will nominate Judge Brett Kavanaugh to replace retired SCOTUS Justice Anthony Kennedy on Monday.

“Are you ready for a fight?” Sanders said. “Are you ready to defend Roe v. Wade? Are you ready to tell the Supreme Court that we think it’s absurd that they give constitutional rights to billionaires to buy elections and then tell women they don’t have the constitutional right to control their own bodies?”“Are you ready to tell the Supreme Court that we are not going to eliminate pre-existing condition protections? Look, I am not going to kid anybody. This is a tough fight, but it is a fight that we can win,” he continued. “When 70 percent of the American people support Roe v. Wade, when people support protection for pre-existing rights, when people support environmental protection for worker’s rights, we have the American people on our side.”Read more at