Hillary-Tied Group Launches ‘Stop Kavanaugh’ Website Within Hour of Trump Nomination

NEW YORK — Less than one hour after President Trump announced his Supreme Court nominee, Demand Justice, a new progressive activist group founded by former members of Hillary Clinton’s 2016 presidential campaign, put up the website stopkavanaugh.com, exclaiming: “We need to demand that the Senate defeat the Brett Kavanaugh nomination.”

The website claims that Kavanaugh is a “threat” to Obamacare and Roe v. Wade. It warns that if confirmed, “Brett Kavanaugh will serve on the Court for life, shaping the future of our country long after Trump is out of office.”

The site calls on supporters to subscribe to Demand Justice’s mailing list as well as call up local senators to demand that Kavanough be rejected.

The group also took to Twitter to promote the hashtag #StopKavanaugh:

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