Facebook Blocks Republican Candidate Ad For Daring To Show Horrors Of Communism

A little earlier today I posted on Alex Jones’s dumpster fire, InfoWars, being nearly simultaneously deplatformed by YouTube, Facebook, Apple, Spotify and YouPorn (I didn’t make that up). The central point there being that Baron Acton’s aphorism, “Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely,” applies as sure to major tech platforms as it does to individual men.

Elizabeth Heng is a conservative Republican running for Congress against Democrat Jim Costa in California’s 16th District.

Heng’s parents arrived in the United States thirty-three years ago as penniless, legal political refugees from the Cambodia of the Khmer Rouge. Heng graduated from Stanford, started a chain of 75 cell phone stores. She’s worked as a Hill staffer (for Ed Royce) and on the Romney campaign (nobody is perfect). She campaign for Trump and was on his inauguration committee. All the while she was enrolled in Yale’s MBA program from which she’s since graduated.

During her campaign, Heng cut this ad.

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