Obama gave hundreds of millions to Palestinians in final hours as President

Bloody Rubbish (BloodyRubbish) In the final hours of what can only be described as the worst Presidency in U.S. history, Barack Hussein Obama — the first Muslim American President — gave Palestine $221 million dollars. Throughout the Obama presidency were countless acts committed against Israel, by not just Obama, but by his Secretary of State […]

Nutty liberal ‘pussyhat’ rallies remnants of divisive Obama Presidency

Bloody Rubbish (BloodyRubbish) It’s hard to take the recent protests by fringe left-leaning women happening in D.C. and around the country seriously when listening to the reasons why the protests are even happening. In fact, many of the protesters don’t even know why they were protesting. Nothing to see here with substance, just a bunch […]

Obama commuted Manning’s sentence in trade for Assange, corrupt intelligence agencies will kill him

Bloody Rubbish (BloodyRubbish) It has only been a few days since Wikileaks released a statement to the world saying that Julian Assange would agree to be extradited to the US if Obama were to grant clemency to Chelsea Manning. “If Obama grants Manning clemency Assange will agree to US extradition despite clear unconstitutionality of DoJ case” – Wikileaks […]