States are pushing to protect drivers who run over road blocking protesters

Bloody Rubbish (BloodyRubbish) Protests happening across the U.S. by the left have been causing countless amounts of violence and destruction. Modern liberal’s appear to be confused as to exactly what ‘free speech’ is. Lets face it, the angry, hateful left hasn’t been practicing free speech, but they have been supporting fights and property damage — which isn’t protected under the law. […]

Berlin Study: 92% of left-wing activists live with parents, many jobless

Bloody Rubbish (BloodyRubbish) It’s been an ongoing joke in the conservative (or what I like to call common sense) movement that liberal protesters live with their parents. This stems from the belief that these rejects can’t support themselves in the real world. How could individuals with such distorted, inaccurate views of basically everything be able to […]

INHUMAN: Anti-Trump protesters block ambulance, force ’emergency medical procedure’ on critically ill patient in vehicle

Bloody Rubbish (BloodyRubbish) New Haven, Connecticut is home to Yale, one of the most liberal Universities in the nation. It’s a place that has quickly lost its reputation as an admired educational powerhouse, mainly due to the extreme left-wing views believed by its teachers — and in turn — taught to its students. There is rarely a more […]