Masters of the Universe: Facebook, Apple Purge InfoWars for ‘Hate Speech’

Bloody Rubbish The Masters of the Universe at Facebook and Apple have censored InfoWars pages and podcasts on their platforms, both claiming Alex Jones and company engage in “hate speech.” Following the recent suspension of Alex Jones’ Facebook page and the removal of InfoWars podcasts from Spotify, Facebook has permanently removed multiple InfoWars pages from its site while Apple […]

YouTube Deletes Four InfoWars Videos, Suspends Channel from Live Broadcasts

Bloody Rubbish YouTube removed four videos from the InfoWars channel, claiming that the channel had violated site policies against hate speech and graphic content. According to recent reports, YouTube deleted four videos from the InfoWars channel this week. The deletion comes amidst increase pressures on social media sites to remove content from controversial creators. Additionally, […]

Facebook Admits It Blocked Republican Candidate’s Pro-Second Amendment Ad

Bloody Rubbish Facebook admits it blocked Florida State Rep. Matt Caldwell’s (R-79) pro-Second Amendment ad. On Tuesday the Tampa Bay Times reported that Caldwell’s ad had been blocked on Facebook, which included blocking news that the NRA had endorsed Caldwell for Florida Commissioner of Agriculture. Read more at