European Countries Being Ripped Apart as Leaders Refuse to Listen to Their People

Bloody Rubbish The European Union is Doomed — Thank God! ( In just a short time after the UK voted to get out of the European Union, we now see Germany receiving very large protests from citizens hoping to force their leader, Angela Merkel, to resign. The protests don’t have anything to do with the Brexit, but the reasons […]

China Just Banned Internet News As The Crackdown On Free Speech Continues

Bloody Rubbish China Just Banned Internet News Reporting (BloodyRubbish) While you were losing your mind watching the psychotic Democratic National Convention’s speakers lie to millions of Americans, China was busy banning internet news reporting just hours earlier. Yes, you read that correctly. What will the government do to those who wish to report news on the […]

Facebook Never Stopped Censoring Right-Wing News, Now They’re Also Suspending Users Accounts For Non-Liberal Views

Bloody Rubbish Facebook Is At War With Your Mind (BloodyRubbish) It’s been a few months since former Facebook employees came forward with claims that Facebook was systematically censoring news from conservative outlets through their ‘trending topics’ feature.