‘Largest’ Pro-Trump websites being deleted from Google search results, banned from Ad revenues

Bloody Rubbish (BloodyRubbish) There is currently a massive media war happening against Pro-Trump websites. The targeted websites have massive readerships and — without a doubt — all aided to helping the President recently get elected to office. This is no conspiracy; there is a well funded, organized group looking to take back the power of liberal […]

Illegals stole social security numbers from 1M taxpayers, hidden by politicized IRS for 5 years

Bloody Rubbish (BloodyRubbish) As first reported this past August — and now making rounds across the internet again — five years ago the IRS discovered that over 1 million taxpayer social security numbers were stolen and used by illegal immigrants. Not only was the general public not informed of the shocking amount of fraud, but the victims weren’t […]

European Countries Being Ripped Apart as Leaders Refuse to Listen to Their People

Bloody Rubbish The European Union is Doomed — Thank God! (BloodyRubbish.com) In just a short time after the UK voted to get out of the European Union, we now see Germany receiving very large protests from citizens hoping to force their leader, Angela Merkel, to resign. The protests don’t have anything to do with the Brexit, but the reasons […]