Facebook Never Stopped Censoring Right-Wing News, Now They’re Also Suspending Users Accounts For Non-Liberal Views

Bloody Rubbish Facebook Is At War With Your Mind (BloodyRubbish) It’s been a few months since former Facebook employees came forward with claims that Facebook was systematically censoring news from conservative outlets through their ‘trending topics’ feature.

It’s Not A Coincidence Classified Pages of The 9/11 Report Were Released Hours After The Terrorist Attack In France

Bloody Rubbish Saudi Arabia Was Involved In The 9/11 Attacks On The United States (BloodyRubbish) Saudi Arabia’s involvement with 9/11 hadn’t been officially acknowledged until recently — although the New Media has been reporting on it for quite sometime. The Saudis knew their involvement was outlined in 28 pages of documents withheld from the public […]

Europe Being Destroyed By Muslims As Treasonous Politicians Hide Murders, Rapes From Public

Bloody Rubbish Islam Is Not A Peaceful Religion, It’s A Cult of Hate (BloodyRubbish) Islam has been a cancer on the world since its inception. The fact that followers are encouraged to commit acts of violence in the name of their psychotic religion should be enough to convince people that Muslim’s are a problem — […]