Peaceful Occupy Movement Labeled Terrorists – Here’s Why Obama Admin Supports Violent Black Lives Matter

Bloody Rubbish Peddling Victimhood To The Masses Is ‘OK’ When It Involves Race, Distracts From Real Issues (BloodyRubbish) At first glance there seems to only be slight differences between Barack Hussein Obama, Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton. They are all card carrying members of the race-baiting club and have all achieved success through spreading hate targeted […]

Hitler 2016: Turkish President Stages Own Coup to Round Up Opposition, Hopes to Steal US Nukes At Airbase

Bloody Rubbish Radicalized President Stages Own Coup to Round Up Opposition (BloodyRubbish) Turkey has been known as a friendly non-extremist country until recently, which is surprising given the region of the world where it’s located. Unfortunately, due to current leadership, Turkey is quickly becoming an unstable Islamic state.

Facebook Never Stopped Censoring Right-Wing News, Now They’re Also Suspending Users Accounts For Non-Liberal Views

Bloody Rubbish Facebook Is At War With Your Mind (BloodyRubbish) It’s been a few months since former Facebook employees came forward with claims that Facebook was systematically censoring news from conservative outlets through their ‘trending topics’ feature.