EXCLUSIVE: Senator claiming Trump’s SCOTUS pick said Trump tweets were ‘demoralizing’ lied about serving in Vietnam multiple times on camera …to Veteran groups

Bloody Rubbish (BloodyRubbish) As the title of this article implies, the man claiming Trump’s SCOTUS nominee’s closed-door comments calling Trump’s recent tweets against liberal Judges “Demoralizing” is a terrible source. The account given originally by Senator Richard Blumenthal of what Neil Gorsuch said has also been confirmed by Ron Bonjean, who is involved with the group involved […]

Refugees scared of Trump, many already leaving the US for Canada

Bloody Rubbish (BloodyRubbish) Real leadership sets a tone; so does lack of leadership. The United States had lacked a real leader for eight years under Obama, a community organizer who won the Presidency by mesmerizing a population hell bent on taking the country to a place that even liberal race-baiters could accept as a ‘post-racial’ America. Citizens were […]

INHUMAN: Anti-Trump protesters block ambulance, force ’emergency medical procedure’ on critically ill patient in vehicle

Bloody Rubbish (BloodyRubbish) New Haven, Connecticut is home to Yale, one of the most liberal Universities in the nation. It’s a place that has quickly lost its reputation as an admired educational powerhouse, mainly due to the extreme left-wing views believed by its teachers — and in turn — taught to its students. There is rarely a more […]