Obama Hopes to be the First American, World Dictator – Governing through the UN

Bloody Rubbish The United Nation Seeks Chaos (BloodyRubbish.com) There’s been no shortage of news about terror across Europe lately. It’s been a never-ending story; Muslims are destroying Europe one country at a time. There were the French terror attacks, then the rapes of women across Sweden, then the rapes and violence against others in ‘place country […]

China Just Banned Internet News As The Crackdown On Free Speech Continues

Bloody Rubbish China Just Banned Internet News Reporting (BloodyRubbish) While you were losing your mind watching the psychotic Democratic National Convention’s speakers lie to millions of Americans, China was busy banning internet news reporting just hours earlier. Yes, you read that correctly. What will the government do to those who wish to report news on the […]

It’s Not A Coincidence Classified Pages of The 9/11 Report Were Released Hours After The Terrorist Attack In France

Bloody Rubbish Saudi Arabia Was Involved In The 9/11 Attacks On The United States (BloodyRubbish) Saudi Arabia’s involvement with 9/11 hadn’t been officially acknowledged until recently — although the New Media has been reporting on it for quite sometime. The Saudis knew their involvement was outlined in 28 pages of documents withheld from the public […]