Illegal Alien Arrested by ICE, Wanted for Murder in Mexico, Has Five Anchor Babies with Illegal Alien Wife

Bloody Rubbish An illegal alien living in the United States who was recently arrested by the Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) and is wanted in Mexico on homicide charges has five U.S.-born children that have been rewarded with birthright citizenship. Joel Arrona-Lara, an illegal alien from Mexico, made national headlines this week when he was arrested by […]

Illegal Immigrants Will be Voting in Local San Francisco Elections this fall. What Could go Wrong?

Bloody Rubbish San Francisco, always a leader in the “woke” politics of the progressive left, is innovating in a big way at the ballot this fall, allowing non-citizens – including illegal aliens – to vote in school board elections. Why are noncitizens — legal and illegal — being invited to vote in the first place, […]