IT’S COMING: Government now soliciting bids on website for Trump’s wall

(BloodyRubbish) Bids are now open on a government website for what appears to be Trump’s wall. Trump, who famously said that Mexico would be paying for the wall, still believes that the “Southern Border Security Wall” will not be paid for by the American people.

I don’t believe that the open bidding solicitation is a reason to believe that Mexico will not be covering the cost — the project must get started. Trump has already come forward stating that American’s may have to initially finance the project, but we will be paid back for it. I don’t think anyone should have a reason to not trust the President on this issue, he has been following through on all of his campaign promises to date (minus the special prosecutor for Hillary, which I hope happens soon).

The left has been taking some major hits recently, from the successful boycott of the Oscars, to Trump’s impressive address that left 70% of Americans feeling optimistic. As leftists continue to have their worst nightmares realized with every action by Trump, the Democratic party also continues to crumble from an internal fracturing between the Obama/Clinton establishment and the Bernie wing. It’s a great time to be a Republican (or right-wing Independent).

You can view the wall’s solicitation on the website.

The solicitation reads, “The Dept. of Homeland Security, Customs and Border Protection (CBP) intends on issuing a solicitation in electronic format on or about March 6, 2017 for the design and build of several prototype wall structures in the vicinity of the United States border with Mexico.

The procurement will be conducted in two phases, the first requiring vendors to submit a concept paper of their prototype(s) by March 10, 2017, which will result in the evaluation and down select of offerors by March 20, 2017.  The second phase will require the down select of phase 1 offerors to submit proposals in response to the full RFP by March 24, 2017, which will include price.  Multiple awards are contemplated by mid-April for this effort.  An option for additional miles may be included in each contract award.”

Trump’s new VOICE

Trump recently announced in a special office to serve victims of illegal aliens crime. The victims, who have been long silenced due to politicians worrying more about political correctness than Americans, are finally getting some long overdue support. The office is being called VOICE – for Victims of Immigration Crime Engagement. It couldn’t have a better name — Trump is finally giving these victims a voice.

Soon it appears that we will have a wall, support for victims of illegal alien crime, and (hopefully) mass deportations. It’s all necessary ingredients to Make America Great Again.

Anti-Trump Army: Holder says Obama will reappear soon, “it’s coming”, “…he’s ready to roll.”

(BloodyRubbish) President Trump believes that Barack Obama has been behind many of the leaks coming out of the White House, and rightfully so — it’s Obama’s people that are making them happen.

Obama loyalists and holdovers are everywhere, and it isn’t unreasonable to think that they are taking orders directly from the man himself. It has been made clear that Obama is going to go against the norms of past Presidents and actually fight against a sitting President.

When is Obama set to reappear? According to former Attorney General Eric Holder, it’s soon.

Holder knows about the inner-working of his old boss — heck they even did fun things together like fast and furious, which lead to the deaths of civilians and law enforcement officials. He has been in communication with the former President, and seems to be quite excited about the idea of Obama becoming visible in politics again.

As reported by leftist Politico,

“Barack Obama is getting closer to making his public reappearance in politics, his friend and former Attorney General Eric Holder said on Tuesday.

Holder said he’s been talking to the former president about ways — including fundraising and interacting with state legislators — that could help the new National Democratic Redistricting Committee, which Obama asked Holder to chair last year.

“It’s coming. He’s coming,” Holder said, speaking to reporters at a briefing for the new group. “And he’s ready to roll.”

Throughout, Holder said, Obama “will be a more visible part of the effort.”

The anti-Trump Army

We have previously reported on Obama’s shadow government that has been setup only 2 miles from the White House. Obama continues to have a massive amount of power not just over Democrats, but also the DNC with the recent election of their new Chairman Tom Perez.

It has also been reported that Obama will be heading a non-profit with 250 chapters across the nation and 30,000 protesters. It is obvious that Obama is putting together an anti-Trump army, to not just cause violence disguised as protests, but to work to elect Democrats.

Holder already believes that the next elections will see massive Republican losses, which will without a doubt be attempted by the Democrats secret weapon — Obama’s very public involvement in politics. As reported by Politico, “Holder also predicted that the usual pattern of the party in the White House losing state legislative seats in off-year elections would hold next year, but “I expect we’ll see that on steroids with President Trump.”

Can Democrats ever win again?

I may say that Obama is the Democrats secret weapon, but he is also a great weapon for Republicans to use to draw Independent voters — and many Democrats — who have grown to despise the far-left former President.

Although blacks overwhelmingly voted for Obama, without him running on the ticket, Trump ended up receiving twice as many black votes as Romney. Were these blacks just voting for Trump because Obama wasn’t running — or was it something else?

I believe the Democrats aren’t just out of touch with what American voters want (in terms of the direction of their country), but also may be very wrong about just how many black voters will vote for Democrats just because Obama tells them to.

Obama had not been a friend to black people during his eight years as President, with even Louis Farrakhan calling him out on his abandonment of the black community. Obama after all begged the community to vote against Trump — and he won. It’s pretty clear the black community is growing increasingly mad about being taken for granted by Democrats.

The Democrats plan of gaining votes through division most likely won’t work

In the past Democrats have survived off of identity politics and division, but many Americans — from all races and walks of life — have stopped drinking their cool-aid. The Democrat playbook just isn’t working anymore.

The future of the Democratic party was in the hearts and issues of Bernie Sanders supporters, but now everyone running the DNC is anti-Bernie — and his supporters know this.

Instead of looking towards the future, the Democrats have decided to continue on their outdated path, and their party will most likely suffer more losses because of it.

More violent protests

We are witnessing an internal struggle within the Democratic party between Bernie supporters and Obama/Clinton loyalists. Protests continue to become increasingly violent, and Hillary has come out to support them, all to strategically insert herself with the grassroots — even though she is as establishment as it gets.

When Barack reappears into public eye to lead these protests (with possibly Hillary by his side), we will have to see if establishment Democrats, Bernie supporters and protesters will welcome them as their leaders — or if there will be end up being a major split within the party.


EXCLUSIVE: New DNC Deputy Chairman is a radical Islamist with ties to the Muslim Brotherhood, “terror-linked Saudi financiers”

(BloodyRubbish) As soon as the DNC’s new Chairman Tom Perez was elected, he quickly appointed Rep. Keith Ellison to be his Deputy. This relationship doesn’t just shine light on to the anti-Bernie Sanders direction the party will continue taking, but also shows that Democrats will maintain the strong bond they have enjoyed between the Obama-Clinton Democratic establishment and the Muslim Brotherhood, Islamic lobby.

Keith Ellison is a very controversial figure, and it’s not just because he is the first Muslim congressman in United States history. He is a radicalized Muslim who has connections to the Muslim Brotherhood and people, organizations linked to terror.

Recently, as he was seeking to become the next DNC chair, his past connection to the Nation of Islam made waves again. Ellison only officially denounced them while he was running for congress years ago, and was quoted as saying, “I have long since distanced myself from and rejected the Nation of Islam due to its propagation of bigoted and anti-Semitic ideas and statements, as well as other issues,” at the time.

I think it’s just a little too convenient to wait until his relationship with Louis Farrakhan was brought up to denounce him. It’s painfully obvious that he didn’t want to risk losing his chance at becoming a congressman, and had no other choice but to make the above statement — most likely written for him by a campaign manager.

As reported by fake news factory CNN,

“Rep. Keith Ellison’s past ties to the Nation of Islam and his defense of its anti-Semitic leader, Louis Farrakhan, are resurfacing as he campaigns to lead the Democratic National Committee.

Ellison, the first Muslim elected to Congress, publicly renounced his association with the Nation of Islam in 2006 after it became an issue during his run for Congress, when local Republican bloggers began publishing his old law school columns and photos connecting him to the organization.”

Ellison is linked to terrorist groups

Ellison’s shady connections don’t stop at the Nation of Islam. He is connected to the Muslim Brotherhood — they even sponsored his own personal pilgrimage to Mecca. There he also met with an officer in a terrorist group that didn’t just issue a fatwa against American soldiers, but also supports Palestinian terrorists.

As reported by the NationalReview,

“Ellison has spoken at the convention of the Islamic Society of North America, which is part of the CAIR-Hamas network, at least according to the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals, which found that “the government has produced ample evidence to establish the associations of CAIR, ISNA, NAIT, with the Islamic Association for Palestine, and with Hamas” during the Holy Land Foundation case. These links have been discussed in these pages at great length by McCarthy and by our colleague Daniel Pipes, among others.

Ellison went on a pilgrimage to Mecca sponsored by the Muslim American Society, which is simply the Muslim Brotherhood under another name. In Mecca, he met with Sheikh Abdallah Bin Bayyah, an officer of a Muslim Brotherhood group that issued a fatwa against U.S. troops in Iraq and supports Palestinian terrorists in Israel. He met with terror-linked Saudi financiers and other unsavory characters, too. The question is not whether a U.S. political party should be led by a Muslim man, but by this Muslim man. We are not talking about Namık Kemal or Robert Crane.”

There are many people calling for the Muslim Brotherhood to be officially labeled a terrorist organization because, well, it is.

According to CounterJihad, ” The Muslim Brotherhood is a vast and sophisticated international Islamist organization—its dedication to Jihad and participation in terrorism represents a significant threat to the United States.

The Brotherhood, which was founded in Egypt in 1928 by Hassan al-Banna, is the most influential Islamist organization in the world, with a mission to topple all non-Islamic governments with rule by Islamic law, or sharia. The Brotherhood’s long-standing motto includes the following: “Allah is our objective. The Prophet is our leader. The Qur’an is our law. Jihad is our way. Dying in the way of Allah is our highest hope.”

The left has become increasingly anti-Israel and anti-America, so it only makes sense that those running the Democratic party establishment would hold these views. It is apparent that Muslim money continues to own the Democrats, and it isn’t going to stop anytime soon.

It isn’t a surprise that Tom Perez has come out against President Trump’s travel ban, calling it “racist”. The Democrats want Muslims to take over the United States, it’s just following through on their promises to those who’ve been financing them.