Following through: President Trump already signing executive orders

trumpexecutiveorders(BloodyRubbish) President Trump has a lot of high hopes to live up to, especially after running one of the most incredible campaigns in American history.

The people witnessed a presence like nothing ever seen before in politics — at least in every living Americans’ lifetime — when Donald J. Trump owned everyone around him in a direct and honest fashion.

In the Republican primary debates he destroyed the Republicans. The debates with Hillary? He destroyed her, too. Trump won the presidency because he wasn’t just entertaining — he was right about everything. Trump single handedly destroyed the establishment Republicans while bringing Democrats to their knees.

Trump wasn’t elected because of his personality, it was just a bonus

His stances were correct on not just the media and politicians, but also on the issues. The issues are why Americans voted for Trump. The left may believe that Trump is against women, gays, blacks — but he is in every groups corner.

How will President Trump be judged? It will be by if he follows through or not with what Candidate Trump said he would do.

Executive orders on the first day

Trump signed executive orders on the same day as his inauguration, and it’s a beautiful thing. Of course, executive orders seem like a lot of power to give to one person — and it was hell when Obama had the pen — but Trump is setting things right, so it’s hard to argue against him.

As reported by DailyMail,

“President Donald Trump wasted no time getting to work on Friday night, heading straight to the Oval Office where he signed his first executive orders since arriving at the White House.

He christened the Resolute Desk by signing an order to confirm General James Mattis as Secretary of Defense and another order to ‘ease the burden of Obamacare’.

He has already made changes to the Oval Office decor, swapping its formerly crimson drapes for gold curtains and putting back in its former place a bust of former British prime minister Winston Churchill.”

If this is any indication on how Trump is going to run the country we are in for great times. Lets just hope Trump will take away all the incredible executive powers he is going to use before the next President.

CNN pushes ‘call to action’ to assassinate Trump as crazy liberal protesters hold twisted rallies

Clinton-News-Network(BloodyRubbish) CNN is known to rational Americans as the ‘fake news network’. They are a company that has been publishing horrifyingly fake news stories — some that even make the Huffington Post look like they are following their doctors orders and taking their prozac.

To add to the downward spiral to what ‘mainstream media’ has turned into in America, CNN has now done the unthinkable; they have called for the assassination of Donald Trump as his inauguration soon approaches.

As reported by InfoWars,

“Entitled Disaster could put Obama cabinet member in Oval Office, the report admits that there is no specific threat targeting the inauguration, but goes on to speculate about “who would be in charge if an attack hit the incoming president….just as the transfer of power is underway”.

An individual named the “designated presidential successor” will not attend the inauguration as a security precaution, “but it won’t be a Trump cabinet secretary….it will be an Obama appointee,” reports CNN.”

Is what CNN did even legal?

It is undeniable that CNN knew what they were doing when they laid out their dream scenario of an assassination; they would love four more years of a liberal President, especially one picked by Obama. There have been many lows the mainstream media have sunk to, but this is in a league of its own.

I cannot even begin to think about what would have happened if a conservative news organization wrote this same type of piece on Obama as he was about to take office.

All this insanity by CNN may prove we are living in unusual times, but even more bizarre things seems to be happening by way of liberal protests. Some of these gatherings are bringing together religious Muslims and homosexuals (religious Muslims seem to have halted their plans to slaughter all the gays and just make useful idiots out of them for the time being).

We are living in crazy times, and it isn’t because Trump is going to be President, it’s because of what America became under a radical liberal President named Obama.

Obama commuted Manning’s sentence in trade for Assange, corrupt intelligence agencies will kill him

dead(BloodyRubbish) It has only been a few days since Wikileaks released a statement to the world saying that Julian Assange would agree to be extradited to the US if Obama were to grant clemency to Chelsea Manning.

If Obama grants Manning clemency Assange will agree to US extradition despite clear unconstitutionality of DoJ case” – Wikileaks

Now it appears that the Obama administration has agreed to the idea — it would after all deliver democrats and globalists top enemy to a country where politicized intelligence agencies would kill him.

Chelsea Manning is of course Bradley Manning, a soldier that was previously convicted under the espionage act by court-martial for providing Wikileaks with almost three-quarters of a million classified and unclassified sensitive US documents. Originally serving a 35-year sentence, Chelsea will now be released this year, as the Obama administration has agreed to the deal offered by Wikileaks.

Assange is a threat to democrats, globalism

Chelsea isn’t a threat to democrats, but Assange is. Obama and his party have blamed Assange for causing the recent loss of his party’s Presidential bid by Hillary Clinton — due to his release of damaging information through Wikileaks regarding her (and Podesta’s) corruption.

Democrats will do anything to put a stop to Assange, who will remain a threat to them as long as he is free to continue publishing through Wikileaks. His popular website exists to bring truth to the masses after all, and democrats are scared of their corruption being brought to light — there is no end to that ‘rabbit hole’.

As reported by FoxNews,

“Assange has been hiding out at the Ecuadorian Embassy in London since June 2012 to avoid extradition to Sweden to face sexual assault allegations. According to AFP, Assange fears Stockholm would extradite him to the U.S. after WikiLeaks published thousands of secret cables from the U.S. military, which were leaked by Manning during his time as a U.S. soldier.”

Apparently he doesn’t care anymore?

Trump can’t save Assange

Trump cannot trust US intelligence agencies. They have already proven to not just leak classified information, but recently even claimed that his inauguration had no threats.

As reported by Yahoo,

“Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson said Friday the government sees no immediate threats for the January 20 inauguration, during which close to a million people could amass in downtown Washington.

Johnson said US authorities have ramped up security preparations in light of the rise of “lone wolf” type attacks, including recent atrocities in Nice, France and Berlin, Germany in which attackers drove trucks into large crowds.”

Of course, only days later, it was reported that there were stockpiles of weapons found around the area where he will be inaugurated. Project Veritas also recently released video showing domestic communist terror groups planning to commit acts of terror during his inauguration.

This is obvious proof that Trump can’t trust intelligence agencies, which have been politicized under Obama — they are democrat-loyalists who support a new world order. They appear to be willing to turn a blind eye to threats against Trump’s life.

Murder of DNC Wikileaks contact

DNC staffer Seth Rich was supposedly a Wikileaks source, and he is believed to have helped leak information during the Clinton campaign. What happened to him? Well, he had a questionable death.

As reported by FoxNews,

“Police have said they believe the motive was robbery, and that there is no evidence Rich’s murder was connected to his work. But Rich’s father has said the 4 a.m. murder, in which Rich was shot several times from behind, did not appear to be a robbery, as his son’s wallet and watch were not taken.”

An obvious murder that isn’t being pursued? Only high level intelligence agencies can get away with such things.

Assange must understand that Trump will protect him if he is extradited to the US. Rogue democrat-loyalist globalist individuals will come after him. He must know this — so why is he agreeing to come to the US?

My opinion on what is happening

I believe that Assange was targeted to be murdered by US intelligence and was informed of what was going to happen to him. This must have been an order approved by the Obama administration, and he had to act quick — it would have to be done before Obama left office. With limited time left, he is moving forward with his agreement to come to the US to buy himself time. Even when Obama leaves office, his (and his agendas) loyalists inside these agencies will still come for Assange.