WATCH: ‘March on NRA’ Protester Says It’s Wrong to Shoot Home Intruders

A gun control activist who took part in Saturday’s “March on NRA” called for a total ban on firearms and laughed at the fact that some people thinks it is okay to shoot home intruders.

An NRA camera crew was walking around speaking with protesters when the woman said, “A gun ban is absolutely what’s necessary. I think that we need to start from scratch with the whole gun issue.”

She added, “We have people who think it’s okay to kill an intruder into their house.”

Other protesters chanted, “Shame, Shame, Shame” at the NRA while taking part in a protest for which Everytown for Gun Safety provided free ice cream.


UCLA Students React to Mandatory Fees Funding Toxic Masculinity Committee

Students who attend the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) must pay a hefty fee for the operation of a committee dedicated to combatting toxic masculinity on campus, and not all students are happy about it.

Formed by a group of female UCLA students in the spring, the Toxic Masculinity Committee pushes back against forms of masculinity that “cause men to act in a harmful way towards others based on unattainable gender norms and impacts real life situations in a negative way,” according to UCLA senior Aziza Wright, Campus Reform reported Monday. Wright served as the captain of the Toxic Masculinity Committee during the university’s spring semester.


Facebook Bans InfoWars, but Keeps Antifa, Louis Farrakhan

Facebook banned InfoWars from its platform, yet many leftist pages with far worse content still remain.

Facebook’s explanation for the InfoWars ban claims that the site posts material which “glorifies violence,” and also uses “dehumanizing language.”