It’s Not Protesting When You’re Violent – It’s Terror And It Shouldn’t Be Protected Under the Law

copbeatingLiberals Trying to Pawn Thugs Off As Protesters Is Not A New Phenomenon

(BloodyRubbish) When I read news about scheduled ‘protests’ by groups akin to Black Lives Matter, I get frustrated knowing that these events will not be protests at all — yet these thugs will somehow be protected under the first amendment.

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Your Government Is Just Another Reality TV Show, Officials Held As Accountable For Their Actions As The Kardashians

bloodyrubbishkardashianCelebrities Can Be Stupid Because They Don’t Exist To Represent You

(BloodyRubbish) Whenever a tragedy happens it seems that celebrities are quick to jump at the chance to get in the spotlight and stand for ‘the people’– with many B-listers even crawling out of the ‘graveyard of irrelevance’ to toss their opinions in to the ring.

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All Lives Matter: Irrational Black Hatred Taking Innocent Lives, Given Pass By Enthusiastic Pro-Police State Politicians

PoliceStateUNSupporting Terrorism is the New Black

(BloodyRubbish) In Obama’s America supporting black terror-loving racists is ‘edgy’, ‘cool’ and ‘against the system’. Many can’t understand that supporting violent racists is not ‘against the system’ at all; it’s exactly what the system wants. Note: aside from being an idiot by giving in to what Big Brother wants, you shouldn’t support terrorist groups because that makes you a complete asshole.

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