Antifa Members Smash Windows of US Marine Corps Recruiting Office In Violent Berkeley Protest

Members of Antifa smashed out the windows of a U.S. Marine Corps recruiting office during a violent protest in Berkeley, California, on Sunday.

During the protest, Antifa also set a car on fire and damaged 21 other vehicles in city, slashing some of the tires and bashing out windows, Fox News reported. The group also allegedly lit trash cans on fire, adding to the destruction across the city in its fight against members of the “alt-right.” Throughout the day, police arrested 20 people who were allegedly involved in the violence and vandalism.


Masters of the Universe: Facebook, Apple Purge InfoWars for ‘Hate Speech’

The Masters of the Universe at Facebook and Apple have censored InfoWars pages and podcasts on their platforms, both claiming Alex Jones and company engage in “hate speech.”

Following the recent suspension of Alex Jones’ Facebook page and the removal of InfoWars podcasts from Spotify, Facebook has permanently removed multiple InfoWars pages from its site while Apple has taken steps to remove InfoWars podcasts from its podcast directory.


Is A Second Civil War Coming?

It’s popular these days to talk about the potential outbreak of a second Civil War. I’ve not been immune to that sentiment — I’ve probably used that language in the past. When you’re passionately involved in politics, it’s easy to get caught up in the urgency of the problems emerging before the country. It’s even easier to spot in every headline the possibility of underlying ugly trends breaking out into something far uglier.

But the truth is that our constant talk about a second Civil War is making a second Civil War more likely.

Yesterday, Victor Davis Hanson, an author I greatly admire, wrote a piece at National Review talking about the outbreak of a second Civil War. Hanson writes: