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With all the talk about the right-wing being the new PUNK, what do you know about the Original Punk Right-wing Millennial?

Robert Willis is the ORIGINAL Punk Right-wing Millennial. As a young teen he was involved with the Northeastern Punk/Hardcore scene, playing in the youth crew band Signs of Hope, touring the country while co-owning Detonate Records — a label he still runs today — with many releases from punk and hardcore bands across the US, Canada and Mexico.

Throughout high school and college he was an outspoken conservative, regularly getting into open debates during class with his liberal professors. He was shunned and called a racist for being a Republican by one of these professors.

While in New Haven, he created a debate club hosted across the street from Yale’s main campus, in an attempt to bring right-wing politics to liberal Yale students.

Robert became a leader in the Tea Party and Liberty Movement in 2009, founding half a dozen grassroots groups across Southern Connecticut. Robert organized some of the largest right-wing rallies the state had seen in decades. For this he received lots of press, making it to television news and the front page of many area newspapers multiple times.

Around this period is when Robert began writing articles centered around local politics through his now (defunct) website GOP Journal, which had many contributing writers that included politicians from Connecticut to Texas.

In 2014 Robert received the Republican nomination for State House in Connecticut, with just three weeks remaining until election day. Running against a well-known incumbent, he gave a good show by receiving roughly 41% of the vote — in a town he recently moved to where nobody knew his name. After the election, which saw Republicans across the state take devastating losses, he decided he couldn’t deal with the ‘bluest state in the nation’ anymore and moved with his wife and bulldog to the Austin, Texas area.

Robert works in the new media publishing realm as a Content Strategist and Manager, helping to decide what reaches millions of readers weekly. He also writes columns for various news outlets. One of his proudest internet moments was being Mentioned and Retweeted by Donald Trump. is Robert’s blog, which he has been updating daily since late January, 2017. With the rise of safe spaces, liberal protests and outspoken right-wing millennials he decided to “join in on the fun” by no longer operating just behind the scenes at the new media outlets where he’s been employed since moving to Texas.

When Robert isn’t debating politics, he likes to hang out with his bulldog, make music, put out records and solve rubik’s cube(s).

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