States are pushing to protect drivers who run over road blocking protesters

Bloody Rubbish (BloodyRubbish) Protests happening across the U.S. by the left have been causing countless amounts of violence and destruction. Modern liberal’s appear to be confused as to exactly what ‘free speech’ is. Lets face it, the angry, hateful left hasn’t been practicing free speech, but they have been supporting fights and property damage — which isn’t protected under the law. […]

Obama Hopes to be the First American, World Dictator – Governing through the UN

Bloody Rubbish The United Nation Seeks Chaos ( There’s been no shortage of news about terror across Europe lately. It’s been a never-ending story; Muslims are destroying Europe one country at a time. There were the French terror attacks, then the rapes of women across Sweden, then the rapes and violence against others in ‘place country […]

Peaceful Occupy Movement Labeled Terrorists – Here’s Why Obama Admin Supports Violent Black Lives Matter

Bloody Rubbish Peddling Victimhood To The Masses Is ‘OK’ When It Involves Race, Distracts From Real Issues (BloodyRubbish) At first glance there seems to only be slight differences between Barack Hussein Obama, Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton. They are all card carrying members of the race-baiting club and have all achieved success through spreading hate targeted […]