Obama Hopes to be the First American, World Dictator – Governing through the UN

Bloody Rubbish The United Nation Seeks Chaos (BloodyRubbish.com) There’s been no shortage of news about terror across Europe lately. It’s been a never-ending story; Muslims are destroying Europe one country at a time. There were the French terror attacks, then the rapes of women across Sweden, then the rapes and violence against others in ‘place country […]

Europe Being Destroyed By Muslims As Treasonous Politicians Hide Murders, Rapes From Public

Bloody Rubbish Islam Is Not A Peaceful Religion, It’s A Cult of Hate (BloodyRubbish) Islam has been a cancer on the world since its inception. The fact that followers are encouraged to commit acts of violence in the name of their psychotic religion should be enough to convince people that Muslim’s are a problem — […]