$30M lawsuit against CNN upheld by judge, found news agency acted “recklessly with regard to the accuracy of its reporting.”

Bloody Rubbish (BloodyRubbish) With all the political enemies CNN has made from their blatantly biased (and sometimes completely fake) news, one would think that the person to take them down would be a high-ranking politician, or at least someone connected enough to hold them accountable for all of their distorted stories. It is not a secret […]

WH Press Corps: Will Trump’s next move be replacing CNN, other “fake news” networks with the new media?

Bloody Rubbish (BloodyRubbish) Trump has been at war the the mainstream media since he announced his Presidential campaign roughly two years ago. Everyone loved Donald Trump before that tuesday in June, when he came forward to put his name in the ring for the Republican nomination. Before the announcement, he was loved by not just the […]